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Tech predictions for the remaining part of 2014

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Last Updated: Nov 27, 2017

The first half of this year has been marked with interesting technology news, but what is coming in the remaining part of the year in terms of iPhones, wearable computing, and even gaming consoles is quite interesting.

We take a look at four predictions that if fulfilled could change the market later in the year.

First is the iWatch. So much has been talked about Apple’s push into wearable computing for years. The iWatch is a smart watch project that Apple is aiming to launch in October this year. Users should expect a flashy device running on iOS with features that provide integration with other iOS devices.

Apple has stayed on the sidelines as Samsung rolls out two generations of its Galaxy Gear smart watch. You might be forgiven to imagine that Apple would be all over this as a way to help it gain back some share in the Smartphone market.

If the iWatch only works with the iPhone, it would follow that those buying the Apple’s smart watch will stick with the iPhone in future.

Predicting Apple’s next course of action may not be easy. But many feel that it is about to put out a full-blown smart television for years; though the iTV appears like a pipedream. However, the absence of wearable computing in Apple’s consumer electronics product line remains a serious gap.

The second prediction is that Google Glass will get cheaper. It has been two years since Google launched these high-tech eyeglasses that project images and information on the specs. Google vetted early adopters to secure influential bloggers and get celebrities on board, but now it letting anyone with $1500 to become a beta tester.

Google did its part in justifying the investment and has also upgraded the product while sticking to the $1500 price. But this price is a bit on the higher side; Google will have to reduce it if only to make the product to become a mainstream hit. Making them cheaper and widely available will make them seem less creepy.

Next is the Xbox One which is anticipated to close the gap with the PS4 before year end. Sony rolled out the PS4 just seven days before Microsoft’s Xbox One but it keeps leading.

After Sony announced that it had sold over seven million PS4 systems to consumers, Microsoft revealed that it has shipped out five million Xbox One consoles. This shows that the gap between the two gaming titans has narrowed down to two million.

Microsoft lowered its starting price to match the PS4 but eliminated the Kinect motion-based controller as an included accessory. As at now, some of the hottest games happen to be Xbox One titles.

The last and the most interesting prediction is that the Nasdaq will continue to beat the Dow. The past half of the year has been good to buy into Nasdaq. Nasdaq Composite climbed 5.5 percent roughly in line with the historical return rate for secondary stocks.

But Dow Jones Industrial average has been a disappointment with the widely followed market gauge of 30 blue chip stocks rising only by 1.5 percent.

Given the nature of this sector, a contrarian would bet on Dow at this point.

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