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Tesla Motors could made electric car patents public to drive car innovation

The world of electric cars is not growing fast enough for Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, according to several outlets, Musk has said he wants to give away Tesla’s patents in the hope other car manufacturers put them to good use when it comes to their own electric cars.

This would be an unprecedented change of heart from Tesla, who previously held onto their patents and made sure no other car manufacturers could simply take them away without paying the price. It looks like not a lot of car manufacturers were interested in the patents Tesla had to offer.

In two interviews Musk hinted at the possibility of opening up the Tesla Motors patents for public use. This does not sound great for any investor of Tesla, who sees the innovations to electric motors as something other car manufacturers want, but it does boost innovation and offering the patents for free might bring manufacturers like General Motors into the fold.

Technology barriers are never a good thing to have, Apple is currently in court against Samsung due to the South Korean giant taking some of their ideas for free. This has undoubtedly helped the mobile industry as a whole, making it more competitive and progressive, but Apple still believes Samsung has damaged their company, which they probably have to some degree for the good of the market.

It is hard for a company to choose between innovation for the whole market or money for the company, for many it is an easy choice as money always wins, but for entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, it is about creating new technologies and advancing the market as a whole that is exciting. If Tesla is pressured by others in the electric car world, perhaps that would lead them to even bigger changes and innovations.

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