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The Apple’s 12.9-Inch iPad Would Run Both OS X and iOS

According to a new report from DigiTimes, Apple is expected to announce updated versions of its iPad mini and iPad Air lineup later in the month and is also working hard on a 12.9-inch iPad that is going to integrate OS X with iOS. But it is still unclear what that means.


This is not the first time that rumors are flying around about Apple’s intention to bridge the gap between desktop and mobile with a larger iPad.

Images that have been leaked and have been in circulation for months have claimed that the new 12.9-inch iPad could go by the name iPad Pro when it finally hits the market.


Cupertino will also release a second 12.9-inch iPad that only runs iOS, though at this point both devices are allegedly still in development, reports DigiTimes.

The new Apple’s slate is an interesting idea but it’s not the only company experimenting with this idea. There are rumors that Google could possibly merge Chrome OS and Android.

Microsoft has also announced Windows 10 that will run across all its devices, though it’s not yet clear how the software will vary across different screens.


It may be that the iPad Pro is just another rumor because DigiTimes is not the best source when it comes to breaking Apple news. And even if Cupertino is testing a device similar to the one described above, there is no guarantee that it will see the light of the day.

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