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The iPhone 6 Plus Is Great tool For Gaming

Bigger phones have their own niche that appeals to users who demand big screens and longer battery life.

Apple has stepped into category by scaling the hardware of the six up while scaling the hardware from the iPad down.


The iPhone 6 Plus is therefore a device that you can use all day to do some of the quick tasks while also consuming media as you would on a tablet; propped up against something or in landscape, held in two hands.

Gamers are known to like to hold something the size and weight of the iPhone 6 while gaming, just like the console controllers and hand-held games systems like the PlayStation Vita.


The iPhone 6 Plus is very comfortable to hold for hours at a time than either the Sony’s Vita or the Nintendo 3DS. It is lighter and is made out of nicer materials.

Its curved edges feel better in the crooks of your hand that these other gadgets.

Ergonomic advantages aside, the iPhone 6’s screen quality and battery life do a lot to make gaming on the device feel like less of a compromise compared to a dedicated handheld console.

It boasts a 1080p Retina HD display which is several rungs above what you find on the Vita and is also ahead of what you find on the 3DS.


Games on the iPhone 6 Plus will likely surprise casual gamers with their flashy shading and particle effects.

With the iPhone 6, you will get multiple hours-long sessions playing a variety of graphically-intense games. You can get to an airport in the late morning, play games all day as you fly across the country, and still have enough juice to get you through the evening, all on one device.

The iPhone 6 also has a powerful processor that will ensure you are not disappointed while gaming.

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