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The Most Ridiculous Tech Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Maybe you have heard about it from the grapevine, from an online forum, or from an uncertified website, but there are a lot of technology myths about your devices that aren’t really true. This fact makes you think again about how you handle your devices.

Here are some of the major technology myths that you should stop believing:

  • No Virus for Apple Products. This is not true. There are malwares that can penetrate Apple computers. In 2012, there were thousands of Mac computers that were affected by a Trojan. You probably believe this myth, because before the 2012 incident, Apple used to brag their devices aren’t susceptible to viruses.Mac-computers-cant-get-viruses
  • Private or Incognito browsing ensures privacy. This is a big misconception. Using Google Chrome’s Incognito or Safari’s Private browsing only means your browser won’t record your history, automatically log in to your online accounts, or have your bookmarks imported. It won’t keep you anonymous though, so stay away from the wrong sites.Incognito-browsing-keeps-you-anonymous.jpg
  • Plugging your phone too long destroys your battery. There is no proof that charging your battery too long will destroy your battery. Lithium-ion batteries are used by smartphones, and these types of battery can tell when to stop charging.Leaving-your-phone-plugged-in-destroys-the-battery
  • More megapixel means better camera. The pixels don’t determine the clarity of the image. It is the amount of light that gives you a better photo.More-megapixels-always-means-a-better-camera
  • Charge your phone only when it is almost empty. Your battery loses its ability to hold charge because it has a limited number of charge cycles, which is the capacity of your battery to charge back to its full capacity. Its diminishing charge cycle is the reason why your battery life weakens, and not because you charged your phone even before it got empty.   Dont-charge-your-phone-unless-its-almost-dead
  • Higher Display Resolution makes smartphones better. The human eyes can see the details of the phone despite the display resolution of your smartphone, according to recent research.Higher-display-resolution-is-always-better-on-a-smartphone
  • Don’t use iPad Charger on your iPhone. It will still take more than a year to see a small effect of using your iPad charger for your iPhone.Its-bad-to-use-your-iPad-charger-for-your-iPhone

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