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The Negatives And The Positives Of The Apple Watch

Apple watch seems to be well ahead of its rival Android efforts. During its launch, Tim Cook, Apples CEO said it’s the most personal watch Apple has ever created. It still remains to be seen whether this is true.


Let’s have a look at the hits and misses of this watch.

The positives:

The watch is made to e worn and has several customizable features. It also has bling which include a real gold version. Apple Watch has six different straps that can be swapped easily.

This watch uses a dial in addition to a touch screen to navigate around. The digital crown is used for selecting dates, going to the home screen and sliding through lists.

The watch boasts a gyroscope and accelerometer, plus Wi-Fi and GPS from the iPhone. It also has Digital Touch that delivers messages to contacts quickly.

This watch has more app selection available than the Android rivals. It also has a fitness tracker that will help you during your workouts.

Backward compatibility:
The watch works with the latest iPhones as well as iPhone 5s and 5c.


Apple Pay:
The watch works with Apple Pay, which is the company’s payment system that has lined up all the major banks and a bevy of retailers.


The negatives

Designer Jony Ive and Cook have kept coming back to how accurate the watch is. Smartwatch players never mention how accurate their devices keep time. A very smart move.

First generation:
Being the first generation, many watch enthusiast would not be in a rush to try it out. They would rather wait a bit longer; may be something better may just pop up.

The watch is pricey and still the price will go up depending on the proprietary bands and on gold and features.


Apple Watch needs an iPhone:
The Apple Watch will need a phone for connectivity

Battery life a mystery:
Apple Watch has a battery life of about 12 hours that’s because Cook said it can be charged every night.

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