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The Worst Smartphone Notifications You Would Wish Never Existed

Once in a while you pull out your phone when it is buzzing hopping to get a call or text that is important, but what do get? An unsolicited notification that in most cases is also annoying, infuriating and pointless.

Have a look at some of them:

A notification on Facebook reminding you of upcoming birthdays

Ever received a notification from Facebook that goes, “Four of your friends have birthdays today”? Such notifications may be important only if your had forgotten about a certain birthday that’s important to you or if you had promised someone a birthday present. Otherwise, this notification can be quite annoying more so if you have many Facebook friends.



Notifications on Twitter letting you know what two “friends” are talking about right now

This is a great source of annoyance and distraction. Does it really matter much what your two so called friends are discussing? Whatever they discussing or the “friends” themselves may not be of importance to you.


A notification about Wi-Fi in range informing you that you are nearby a Wi-Fi network

Android phones have this habit of reminding you that you are in a region covered by Wi-Fi network whenever you are not connected to one. It doesn’t matter where you are or whether the Wi-Fi network is password protected.

A notification from Google+ that your photos ready to share

Whenever you take photos with an Android camera, two minutes later you’ll get a notification that those photos are ready to be uploaded to Google+. This is another Android annoyance.


“Breaking” news notifications for events that are insignificant or irrelevant to you

Some “breaking news” is very important for example a declaration of war or the election of a national politician. What about the news of some drunkard forgetting his door and knocking at a neighbor’s door? This can be quite annoying.


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