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Top Phone Apps For the REAL Gentlemen

There is a time in your life when you have to graduate from being a boy to a gentleman. There are standards that would pass you as a gentleman. These standards include your outfit, your personality, and more, even your phone app.

Here are the major phone apps every gentleman should have:

  1. Hotel Tonight. This app helps you find the best last-minute hotel room for your busy lifestyle.hotel-tonight.jpg
  2. Sunrise Calendar. If you don’t like the standard calendar on your phone, you can try this app. It can sync with other apps like Facebook and Google Calendar.sunrise-calendar
  3. Evernote. If you want to be organized in a more digital fashion, this is the best app for you. It can sync with other devices like your computer and other phones.evernote.jpg
  4. PS Dept. With this app, you don’t have to stand in long department store lines. You can contact a person from big stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Theory and even
  5. 120 Sports. This helps you keep up with the latest sports update conveniently.
  6. Table Manners. This app from William Hanson helps you with fine dining and table etiquette. This is very useful if you have a meal conference with your boss or business partners.table-manners-from-william-hanson.jpg
  7. Fast Pro. This makes reading your eBooks way better than the ordinary.fastr-pro.jpg
  8. MailTracker. This allows you to determine if the email you sent was read by the receiver. It also lets you know how long they viewed the email you sent.mailtracker.jpg
  9. Oyster. This app has all the important books you need, from inspirational to business books. Stop wasting your time on your “Candy Crush” and start improving yourself by reading the right books through the Oyster app.oyster.jpg
  10. Circa. A gentleman should always be updated with the most important news that concerns him, and this app is the most convenient way to read you daily news.circa.jpg

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