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UPS now avails 3D Printers to Nearly 100 Stores Across the Country

3D printing technology has become so popular because of its numerous applications. It seems that in the future nearly all production processes will depend on 3D printing since using this technology you can produce literally everything from motor vehicle parts to prosthetic limbs or body parts.


And now, from Idaho to Alabama, 3D printers are becoming so common just like what fax machines used to be in the 80’s. That’s why UPS has decided to make them available in nearly 100 stores nationwide.


UPS launched a pilot program last year where it put 6 3D printers in franchise stores but only in select cities across the country.
The program was so successful that it prompted UPS to expand the program more than 15 times. And now you should expect 3D printers in your city in case they weren’t there before.


The Stratasys uPrint SE Plus printers, as they are called, are better than the traditional desktop versions. They give inventors, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, artists, etc access to fast and reliable 3D printing.

It is the popularity of the 3D printing industry is what contributes to the popularity of UPS store. And their 3D printing program is in line with the explosive nature of this industry.


According to a report on the industry published by Wohlers Associate, Inc. 3D printing is a $3 billion industry. They also report that over the past three years, the industry has been growing at an annual rate of 30 percent.

It is an industry that will forever remain popular since it finds applications in nearly every aspect of human life.

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