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Warnings To Consider Before Updating to iOS 8

IOS8 is the latest operating system for your iPod, iPad, and iPhone. It is quite amazing and the new iPhone 6 will run on this OS.

If you can’t afford the iPhone 6 yet, or you still want to exhaust your current iPhone to its full potential, then maybe you can upgrade the Apple device you have. There are several Apple mobile devices that can be upgraded to iOS8.

Before upgrading your devices, here are important warnings you should consider:

  1. More Space. You can download it at a one-gigabyte space, but the process to update your mobile device to iOS8 takes a lot of space, from 5Gb up to almost 7GB.apple_ios_8_1
  2. Takes Time To Update. Since there is millions of people who want to update their devices now, simultaneous transfer will affect the update speed.apple_ios_8_2
  3. You Can’t Use Your Device During Installation. Installation takes 30 minutes to an hour. You can’t use your device by this time.apple_ios_8_3
  4. Slows Older Apple Devices. IOS is best for Apple’s latest devices. It means the older devices will run slow on iOS8.apple_ios_8_4
  5. New iCloud Drive. They have phased out the older iCloud. You can’t accept upgrade from the older iCloud Drive.apple_ios_8_5
  6. Save iPhoto. The new iOS will discontinue your iPhoto app, so save all the projects in that software.

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