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We May Soon Have A Smartwatch That Doesn’t Need A Phone To Work

This sounds like a sci-fi fantasy becoming a reality. If you have been dreaming of a fully functional watch that sits on your wrist allowing you to make phone calls, send messages and connect to the digital world, your dream may at least come to near fulfillment.


Most smartwatches are not designed to be stand alone devices but need smartphones to work. But the Epic Watchphones currently on Indiegogo are trying to change this.

It would be interesting if it reaches a point where you can ditch your smartphone and have everything that you need on your smartwatch.

The Epic Watchphones are just like the standard men’s wristwatches but with squared-off screen that hide inside the circular watchface.


Epic is currently has working prototypes and hopes to raise enough funds for full production.

The Epic Watchphones run on JavaOS and are able to make and receive phone calls without relying on smartphones.

They feature 1.3MP cameras, Wi-Fi and GPS functionality. On the downside, the watchphones will lack the extensive iOS and Android app stores but what you will get will be worth the cost – a GSM smartwatch for only $249 early bird price.

If you don’t like the watch, you can go for the Epic Mini Pendant phone that can be worn like a necklace and goes for a $200 pledge.


Smartwatches are still new devices and it seems no one is sure as to what they really want out of them. The Epic Smatchwatch will therefore act like a test case to gauge interest in smartwatches with phones.

As at now, Epic has not raised anything out of its $50,000 target. It is a freshly launched campaign and still has 30 days to go.

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