Wearable Technology

  • Track Your Fitness With OMSignal OMBra

    Wearable Technology

    Track Your Fitness With OMSignal OMBra

    Smart wearable sports clothing or apparel are currently hitting the headlines. With everyone insistent on being fit and healthy for all activities, it has become apparent that women require extra special clothing to help them in tracking their fitness... Read More

  • UpRight Pro Review

    Wearable Technology

    UpRight Pro Review- Facts You Should Know

    There are various ways that can help you keep your body healthy and strong. Some of the best ways include observing a healthy diet and focusing on an exercise regime. However, what doctors don’t tell you is that carrying... Read More

  • Wearables are Part of Our Wrists

    Wearable Technology

    5 Key Reasons Wearables are Part of Our Wrists

    The wearable devices market is one that was unexpected with their introduction in the past year till now. The success it has attained is of an unimaginable magnitude. This form of technological devices is platform that developed early last... Read More

  • 3D Paintbrush from Google

    Wearable Technology

    Get the New Virtual Reality 3D Paintbrush from Google

    Painting in the world today is as popular as any other artwork. Technology is being used to enhance and improve painting models to 3D painters and paintbrushes. This has led to the invention of the Coolest Virtual Reality 3D... Read More

  • Wearable Gifts for Dads

    Wearable Technology

    9 Coolest Wearable Gifts for Dads on this Father’s Day

    Father’s day is fast approaching. Have you thought out of a gift to give to your father? For a change this father’s day, why don’t you get your father something really cool and trendy? Get him one of the... Read More

  • Samsung Gear Fit 2 New Promotional Images Leaked

    Wearable Technology

    Samsung Gear Fit 2 New Promotional Images Leaked

    Samsung Gear Fit 2 rumors got another turn after promotional photos of the device leaked from the company’s website. The photos of this device look as if they were accidentally released, together with the Gear IconX. The photos were... Read More

  • Epson Moverio BT-300

    Wearable Technology

    New Release: Epson Moverio BT-300 Smart Glasses

    Being a top leading company in technology innovation, Epson recently announced the new release of the Moverio BT-300 smart glasses at the GSMA (GroupeSpéciale Mobile Association) this February. When it comes to high-tech equipment, you need to be able... Read More

  • Understand Human Health With BioStamp RC Sensor by MC10

    Wearable Technology

    Understand Human Health With BioStamp RC Sensor by MC10

    Technology advancement plays a key role in improving the healthcare industry. Various medical technological tools have been launched to assist health professionals in conducting broad research on human health challenges and disorders. This has facilitated detection of diseases easier... Read More

  • Hug Smart Watch

    Wearable Technology

    Hug Smart Watch, a Wrist-Worn Drone Controller Too

    This is one of the greatest wearables ever produced. This could seem like your normal watch but the features equipped on this watch could really shock you. This is definitely a watch like no other and its making is... Read More

  • Huwei’s New Talkband B2

    Wearable Technology

    Huwei’s New Talkband B2 With Bluetooth Headset And Health Tracker

    Wearables have become one of the most important industrial trends in an upcoming period of Big Data and Cloud technologies. The reason this trend has taken many tributes is because users wish to have a constant access to their... Read More