7 Wearable Technology Expected To Launch In 2017

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Last Updated: Sep 6, 2017

The technology industry has seen a tremendous amount of growth in recent years and we are presented with numerous new additions to the line of advanced gadgets every single year. One particular area that has received quite a lot of interest recently is the wearable technology sector – these devices offer convenient functions that people can utilize at any time and, in some cases, for very specific functions, due to their mobility. Forbes report that it is estimated that the wearable technology industry will be worth more than $34 billion within the next three.

A press release published on Grand View Research also suggests that, considering the current growth rate of this industry, a total worth of $196.5 billion might be seen by the end of 2022. This year is no different – from heart rate monitors and fitness trackers, to headsets that allows you to interact with your surroundings like never before. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting wearable devices that will be launched in 2017 – and what they will offer you in terms of mobility, convenience, easy-of-use and features.

1. Finally, A Shoe That Is Smart

Let’s start off with the active people out there – especially those that enjoy going for a run every day. Good news to you all – there is finally a shoe that will give you feedback on your running techniques, as well as offer you other vital information that can only be beneficial when viewed. One particular shoe we would like to turn our focus to is the Altra IQ Smart Shoe.

First of all – these shoes look really great. They have a sporty feeling and they are, of course, equipped with some of the most recent developments in the wearable technology industry to give you live feedback on your progress. The shoes will send feedback directly to your smartphone. They will track your movements, tell you about how you are landing with your feet to the ground during your run and they will also give you essential information that will help you improve your techniques. It’s like having a coach… on your feet!

2. There’s A Smart Sock Too

Smart Sock
If you’re keen on wearing something “smart” on your feet, but you’re not able to pull out enough money for a smart shoe, then there is no need to worry. Sensoria has released a series of sportswear that are equipped with artificial intelligent technology to monitor you as you go – and to provide live feedback as well.

At only $49.99, you can make this year the year that you start to care more about your fitness by getting yourself a pair of socks that will tell you how you can improve the way you run – and even give you some essential information about your vitals.

These socks come in various sixes, ranging from small to extra-large. In addition to the smart socks, you can opt for a bundle that comes with an “anklet”, which is essentially a fitness tracker that offers additional information about your performance during a run.

3. A Ring That Monitors Your Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is a very important nutrient that our bodies need daily to function properly. According to Doctor Mercola, vitamin D deficiency can lead to symptoms such as depression, aching bones, head sweating and problems with the digestive system – among others.

Yet, the Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania reports that around 41.6% of Americans do not obtain an adequate amount of vitamin D. The Helios Smart Ring has been developed to help reduce the prevalence of this condition. While still in its early developmental stages, this ring will contain numerous sensors that are able to tell you if your body is absorbing an adequate amount of vitamin D daily.

4. An Air Purifier… Around Your Neck

Air Purifier Around Your Neck
It is already a well-known fact that air pollution is almost everywhere. You even see people in some countries walking with masks on their faces to avoid the dirty air. More and more factories are being built, we drive our cars around town and we continue to perform many other tasks that simply adds more pollution to the air we breathe in. a company named Vybra has come up with a solution to this problem – the Vybra Airvida.

This device is basically a necklace that releases ions and other particles that helps to purify the air you breathe and destroy any germs that may be present in the area surrounding your face. While some negative comments have been made about this, we consider the Vybra Airvida to be an original invention that will most definitely be useful in the future due to the rate at which the air is being polluted today.

5. A Brand New Fitbit

Fitbit has become the global standard in activity trackers that are fitted on a person’s wrist. While the launch of the Apple Watch have caused the sales of the Fitbit to drop somewhat, many people are staying loyal to this company and their inventions. While nothing specific has been revealed yet, Tech Advisor reports that Fitbit did buy out the leader in wearable technology, known as Pebble, last year.

They are also planning a brand new Fitbit, which should be launching later this year. This time, the Fitbit will contain a color screen, equipped with touch technology, as well as a built-in heart rate monitor and – something that is quite new for a Fitbit – a GPS device built into the watch.

6. A New Way To Play Games

New Way To Play Games
Let’s not forget the gamers out there hoping for new technology that will make their gaming days even more enjoyable. This year, you can look forward to a brand new controller, developed by Valve.

The controller is named the “Knuckles VR Controller” and has the capability to tract each individual finger separately. This particular controller has been developed to work effortlessly with a VR headset – allowing players to be in total control while they get their game on.

7. Google’s New VR Headset

Finally, we should not forget to notice the fact that Google will soon be launching their own VR headset – and no, we are not talking about the Google Cardboard project that allowed people to cut their own VR headsets and use their phones as the VR device. This time, Google is launching a VR headset that works on its own.

The Verge reports that the new VR headset will feature Google’s own WorldSense technology. Both Lenovo and HTC has also been involved in this new headset from Google.

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The wearable technology industry is most definitely one of the fastest growing markets in the entire world. Thousands of new devices are being launched every year to help people track their vitals, monitor their performance, experience new ways of watching movies and, of course, to make gamers feel more in-tune with the games they play.

This year, we are looking forward to quite a large number of new releases in this market – with the seven reviewed in this article being some of our favorite picks to look forward to.

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