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Bionic Pants Chair | All You Need To Know About Bionic Pants Chair

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Last Updated: May 29, 2020

The Bionic pants chair is a wearable mechanical exoskeleton that takes a sitting shape and moves with your limbs when you choose to walk. The first use of Bionics for humans’ dates back to the 1920s, but the Bionic pants chair was just some few years ago. In large factories, about 40% of the workforce stand while working, and the strain on their limbs may result in physiological problems in the future.

The ergonomically designed Bionic pants chair is flexible and allows for extensive use apart from sitting. The design captures workers that find themselves in a sit-and-stand situation, and the device adapts to their various body styles and footwear. Noonee is a Zurich-based startup that took up the task to develop an idea of an exoskeleton. The device works by strapping your body parts (lower limbs) in place as you assume a sitting position.

Consequently, the technology makes it convenient for people to work and use the Bionic pants chair. Industrial workers that work in long-standing positions daily will experience fatigue from physical labor and joint pains. It is advantageous to use the Bionic pant not just as a chairless chair but for the fact that it changes non-ergonomic stances into the best ergonomic wear.

Noonee’s wearable armature provides an opportunity for workstations to be equipped without chairs; this arrangement gives workers some ample space to perch irrespective of where they are. Some workspaces can be an eyesore; crowded with tools and products that make it challenging to find spaces for chairs. However, with an invisible chair that they can wear, work-life becomes less tedious.

Also, workers are offered proper relaxation of their leg muscles and improvement of their posture. The Bionic pants chair is an assistive exoskeleton for sitting and does not pose any negative consequence. More improvements are expected by disabled workers, as they seek more integration of bionic mechanisms.

Benefits of Bionic pants chair

  • Flexibility: The Chairless Chair can be easily converted into a chair. It adjusts individual posture and height adjustment. Once you assume a sitting position, the solid brace can be safely locked; this turns the exoskeleton into a chair.
  • Freedom of movement: The Bionic pants chair is ergonomically designed to switch between modes. There is a quick switch between standing, walking, and sitting. Also, it gives the opportunity of sitting everywhere and anywhere.
  • Work support: The Bionic pant chair helps the wearer maintain a good posture just by sitting down. This device relieves the user from physical strain. Also, poor body positioning leads Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Thus the Chairless Chair is specifically for work support.
  • Personalization: The variable damper supports the body weight of an individual; it doesn’t matter what the size of your body or safety shoe is. The Bionic pants chair adapts to what it holds and directs the weight towards the heels of the shoes.
  • Portable: The Bionic pants chair is more portable than real life chairs or stools. Chairless Chairs don’t require large storage space to transport or store. When it is not in use, the Chairless Chair moves around with the wearer.

Drawbacks of Bionic pants chair

It’s necessary to find out what type of Bionic pants chair fits your purpose. These Chairless Chairs are industry-specific and don’t serve a general purpose. There are Bionic pant chairs for surgical theatre, factories, and public transportation. Manufacturers need to produce more multi-purpose Chairless Chairs that are portable and acceptable to all areas of application.

Average price of Bionic pants chair

Pricing is important, especially for innovations like the Chairless Chair. They Chairless Chair has gone through extensive research to demand a high amount purchase price. The quality of materials used for this rigid framework is expensive, and the final cost of production will be passed on the retail price. The lightweight Bionic pants chair is made of carbon fiber and an aluminum frame material.

With time, the price of Chairless Chairs will become very affordable, and millions of workers will find the Bionic pants chair as a daily companion.

The Design and How It Works:

Externally this Bionic pants chair is wearable with a plastic frame. The device has a decent number of straps that the user wears to keep them upright and comfortable. It is easy to use, convenient to switch body positions, and the Chairless Chair adapts seamlessly with the wearer. Thus, the employee within a factory space can move from point A to B and relax without stopping work or feeling encumbered by the Bionic pants chair.

For ergonomic support, use each plastic strip with corresponding body parts. Also, the user can safely lock his knees with the device; whether in a sitting or bending position. The Chairless Chair hold above 400 pounds weight. The manufacturer has made an allowance for the extra weight of load apart from the body weight of the user. There are knobs attached to both heels which carry the overall weight. There are two big plates to conveniently hold the buttocks; as you can assume a sitting position in midair. This device is particularly helpful for workers that stand for long hours, or who undergo physical labor carrying boxes that put pressure on their knees.


We believe that diverse areas of human bionic needs can be integrated into one product. Accident victims with a disability of the limbs can have customized bionic wears that work effectively with Chairless Chairs. A potential innovation of this kind will offer opportunities to millions of injured factory workers that desire to pursue their career. They can get physiotherapy from a combination of bionic devices while they perform their daily work duties.

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