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New Release: Epson Moverio BT-300 Smart Glasses

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Last Updated: Mar 7, 2016

Being a top leading company in technology innovation, Epson recently announced the new release of the Moverio BT-300 smart glasses at the GSMA (GroupeSpéciale Mobile Association) this February. When it comes to high-tech equipment, you need to be able to “Exceed Your Vision” and understand that a great product comes from an even greater company.

Before we get into this device, smart glasses are wearable tech that gives the users digital content in a first-person point of view by using new and improved technological implementation such as the holographic display or other projection methods. The BT-300 smart glasses are the next best step to a bigger, better future for mankind.

Since consumers very much enjoy the idea of wearable technology. Being that tech gets more advanced each and every day Epson decided to take a fictional idea and make it into something non-fiction. With augmented reality making its way into the market, competition is fierce, but the BT-300 is coming in on top not only with its tech which will be discussed momentarily but with its design and is taking the world on with ideas that nobody has ever thought of before.

With binocular technology, the user will be able to view his or her digital experience through both eyes rather than one, this not only gives a more natural viewing experience but also gives a realistic touch to it as well. Since the BT-300 is the newest model, Epson amped up the resolution on the screen as well from the past models, the BT-100 having a 960×540 resolution size and the BT-200 having the same resolution. The BT-300 has been upgraded with a resolution of 1280×720 so not only has the designed changed, the technical aspects did as well.

The BT-300 Moverio does offer increased CPU from the other models as well, being that it is an Intel Atom 5 1.44GHz Quad Core, you can fully expect multi-tasking abilities to be available when used. One of the better upgrades that the BT-300 does possess compared to the early models is the camera resolution. Since the BT-100 didn’t have a camera installed within its structure and the BT-200 only had around 0.3 megapixels, the 300 surely comes in first place with an astounding 5 MP camera.

Epson Moverio BT-300

A lot of tech users tend to look towards one specific thing when it comes to purchasing a product, the battery life. With all the models being in the same playing field, the BT-300 does have an approximate 6-hour battery life.

The BT-300 Moverio does include a large array of technical features that are within the device but it does have an even larger magnitude of different uses coming from the perspective of its users. These smart glasses not only could be used to seeing from the point of view of yourself but with its Remote Assistance function, you are able to visually see through the eyes of some else who have the glasses in use as well.

If you’re new to using the Moverio smart glasses, no worries, it does come with an Augmented Reality training course so that even a true novice could gain expertise as well as experienced users being able to learn more and have a wider range of knowledge using this device.

Since in 2016 drones have taken a large step into the tech industry, millions of people around the world are purchasing those small flying machines, with the BT-300 Moverio smart glasses, you are able to have a first person perspective of your drone piloting if it is compatible with the camera. This will give the user of both the smart glasses as well as the quadcopter an enjoyable experience.

That isn’t all, the smart glasses are even being linked to physical stores to improve a user’s online shopping experience when he or she doesn’t want to go drive to the store itself. With the help of the company GoInStore, the user is able to personally look at the specific item they would like to purchase. With the example on the GoInStore website, with the help of the glasses, you have the ability to look deeper in a car you are interested in purchasing. When given the opportunities to walk around the car and look on the interior as well, your purchases will be made without the feeling of regret since you will personally ensure that it is truly what you would like to purchase.

Since the BT-300 Moverio Smart Glasses were just released in February 2016, a set price tag hasn’t been put on them yet, but do to all the various features and integrated hardware as well as a comparison to its earlier models, this will most likely be around $700-$800. If you are looking forward to a high-tech future, the BT-300 smart glasses are the perfect definition.

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