Wearable Technology

Hug Smart Watch, a Wrist-Worn Drone Controller Too



This is one of the greatest wearables ever produced. This could seem like your normal watch but the features equipped on this watch could really shock you. This is definitely a watch like no other and its making is unique to the very core. Developed from India, this watch has revolutionized other devices and explained the real meaning of technology at its very best. The Indians who developed it were just startups who were carrying out different innovations.

Though not very cheap, this watch is more than worthy as its features are just out of this world. This phone is so amazing that you can actually use some gestures to control things such as video games ton other things such as drones. You can do this simply by just moving your wrist. I mean, how awesome that is. This is a watch like no other and to find one that resembles it out there is really difficult. This watch was not just created but a lot of features were put in place to enable this wearable to work the way it does. One of this ways is that this watch was actually built using some Microsoft that include Azure Cloud Platform that usually allows its users to control some of the gadgets that are connected to it. These gadgets include: Oculus Rift and Sphero BB.8 with just a simple thing as a wave of the hand.

To add to that awesome fact, using this watch, it is possible to program in some special gestures that when they are usually used, automatically without being controlled by anyone places an emergency call on your phone. It has some very amazing features that include: some amazing speakers which produce some quality sound which can be controlled at one’s pleasure, activity tracking that is this phone can actually track some of your activities if you want it to. On top of that, this watch also has an optical heart rate sensor that tracks your heart and can even show some certain situations such as when you are fatigued. This watch also has a microphone that can record your voice when you need it to and lastly, the watch also has got some music controls.

This watch’s technology is simply out of this world. Its special feature that is the SOS button allows the user to send a distress signal while at stressful situations to a certain emergency contact and this call can also be signaled by use of some gesture controls. So in certain times such as time of need and trouble, this watch is your best friend. So you wonder, how does this watch look like? Well, it contains a 1.6 inch screen. It also has a 240 by 240 pixel resolution screen with a huge storage of 2GB that is internal storage and 128MB worth of RAM. Since it is a watch, it does not weigh too much but weighs more than the normal watch. It weighs approximately 45g and its thickness is approximately 11.2mm. Its removable strap measures around 22mm wide.

Asides from its main features, this watch also has got some traditional features that allow its various users to make calls if they require to. These features are also amazing as they also track their user’s physical activity and also their well-being that is on the nutrition side. These features allow their users to also play music that they may want to listen to and also find some devices. Even its traditional features are just amazing.

How about its safety?

Hug Smart Watch, a Wrist-Worn Drone

Well, even with amazing features, safety is always one of the greatest concerns of the consumers. You do not want to own a device that is always exposing you to a lot of security risks. This device is not only equipped with amazing features but the producer also equipped the watch with some personal safety. Some of these safety features include, the SOS button which is usually able to signal a distress call to a designated emergency contact, some features to monitor your heart continuously and also features to monitor your fatigue ensuring even physical safety to the user.

How is safety activated?

You can activate safety by use of a gesture security feature that is programmed or can be programmed to interpret things such as a hand-gesture as a sign of some troubling situations. With some of these amazing features, hug smartwatch cares and fulfills its consumers’ needs including small tasks that include, playing one’s favorite and even controlling the brightness of your room lights.


It is clear that this device is designed to not only meet the consumer’s needs but to also make the consumer’s life easier. If you have not tried this watch, then you are clearly missing out on something.