Wearable Technology

Huwei’s New Talkband B2 With Bluetooth Headset And Health Tracker

Wearables have become one of the most important industrial trends in an upcoming period of Big Data and Cloud technologies. The reason this trend has taken many tributes is because users wish to have a constant access to their personal data. Devices, today are connectable and can be synchronized in any given moment, plus they can offer their users a smart solution in accordance with their needs.

Business Design

Huawei has released the TalkBand B2; probably the best combination of Bluetooth headsets and a tool for monitoring health. The TalkBand B2 device is a new generation of TalkBand product, and it has a certain business design. The band also has more advanced and precise fitness functionalities, and users will be able to synchronize it easier with their mobile phones. The design is angular, and it will not please everyone’s taste. However, it is a distinct improvement and fits the wrist well. The band is available in black, gold and silver color. The black and silver TalkBand B2 come with a rubber strap, and they are water and dust resistant. The gold model is a premium leather stitched strap, but with a bit slightly lower rating. The design is also quite simple. The metal frame is made from strong but lightweight aluminum. The intuitive HD touchscreen is framed with two options in different colors; a bracelet made from ecological TPU material or in a leather version, and it is easy to adjust it to any given situation.


The device has a great battery which allows it to function even up to five days. You will be able to conduct conversations up to six hours, and it will endure up to twelve days in a standby mode. The band supports devices on Android operative system and iPhone with IOS 7.0 or more. All you need to do is download the Talkband app from an App store or a Google Play store, and you are all set.

Features That Adorn Huawei Talkband B2

Huawei Talkband B2

Along with the improved and more modern look, the band features 6-axis sensor for more precise tracking of movements and it is water and dust resistant as well. The tracker will last up to five days on just one charge. TalkBand B2 has a 0.73 inch touchscreen with a metal frame. It is designed to last and endure all sorts or weather conditions. It is ideal for monitoring health, and due to its water resistant feature, you do not have to worry about running on a rainy day. The features are quite impressive for such small device.

Talkband B2 As A Health Aid

This band will automatically keep track of your movements, it will discover the stages of deep and initial sleep and based on that offer you advice for more quality sleep. TalkBand B2 is equipped with dual- microphone, technology for reducing background noises and a high-quality Bluetooth connection. It also has a smart sensor which keeps track whether the Bluetooth headphone is on your wrist or not, so it can automatically play music to your smartphone or B2 band. The device can search and locate the smartphone of its user by vibrating or sound regardless which brand of band we are talking about.

It is ideal for activities such as running, walking or cycling. Its primary function is health management, but it is also fashionable and a great accessory. The device comes as mentioned before, with a built-in Bluetooth headset, and you can use these feature to make voice calls. All you need to do is to release the headset by pressing both buttons next to the headset. It is quite easy to do that, and it is also easy to put it back in as well.

Final Verdict

The TalkBand B2 picks up where the TalkBand B1 left off and brought in some other interesting features. The device has a few improvements, and it is more elegant with a business twist design. Lightweight and slick apparel with many health management features are its greatest asset. It is designed to last and to endure dust and water. An overall a good product. Wearable technology has gone to some great lengths and who knows what is in stored next.

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