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Leapfrog introduces wearable tech for kids

Educational apps and tablets for kids manufacturer Leapfrog introduces a wearable gadget that tracks activities for children.

Activity trackers that monitor exercise activities are leading the wearable technology trend and Leapfrog jumps in the bandwagon with their LeapBand. This new technology promotes active and healthy lifestyle for kids by encouraging them to play. This wrist band gadget has 50 various games and challenges. This wearable gadget sells for $40 and it is specifically for children from age 4 to 7. This gadget will be available in the market August this year. It can be bought online or in stores. It comes in blue, green and yellow.

Leapfrog’s Learning Team director Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos said helping a child achieve their full potential does not only involves teaching them about the fundamental ABCs and 123s, they should also be encouraged to have a healthy and active lifestyle through play.

LeapBand is a wonderful gadget that fits perfectly on a kid’s wrist and it looks like a smartwatch for children.

Children should perform actions like, spinning like a helicopter, walk like a crap of pop like popcorn to unlock new challenges and games. They could even get the chance to get Pokemon-like pets from the LeapBand.

The band is connected to an app or a website that allows the children’s parents to monitor their kid’s activities and select what challenges their children can play with.

The information collected by the LeapBand is protected under federal regulations. Only the parents will get the data collected by this device.

Wearable tech has become a rising sensation in the technology industry for the past couple of years. Examples of these wearable techs are Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Google Glass, FitBit fitness trackers, Nike FuelBand and Jawbone. Apple is yet to join the wearable gadget trend.


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