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Get the New Virtual Reality 3D Paintbrush from Google

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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016

Painting in the world today is as popular as any other artwork. Technology is being used to enhance and improve painting models to 3D painters and paintbrushes. This has led to the invention of the Coolest Virtual Reality 3D Paintbrush from Google by Google. Virtual reality 3D painting is incredible and the most dynamic item on any painters plate at the moment.

Google has provided every painter, designer and other artists with the chance to access this innovation and to enhance their painting to a new level and to new and unimaginable heights; limitations to the 2D painting techniques and canvasses have been eroded with its arrival. The ability to create and invent anything with the 3D virtual reality paintbrush from Google has just picked everyone’s interest around the globe.


The 3D virtual reality paintbrush from Google has the following features that enable it to function the way it does.

3D brushstrokes

Dimensions form the base on which any good painting is done. The virtual reality 3D paintbrush allows you to use 3D brushstrokes when painting. This offers new chances and opportunities to paint any item that has dimensions with no limitations. Artworks that are of 3D in nature are now enabled and are developing to new heights and probabilities with the aid of VR Lenses and a console; they allow the painter to paint in a virtual canvass. All you need is an empty space and your mind and a bit of creativity in order to paint and create anything. The empty space is the canvass to use in the virtual reality and your mind or imagination is the palette.

3D brushstrokes

Tilt Brush

This is a virtual reality app that runs on the 3D paintbrush and has enabled new means and ways of painting presentations. It allows you to paint anything, anywhere and anytime i.e. infinite ways and painting possibilities.This feature on the virtual reality 3D paintbrush from Google makes it a best friend to all professional painters, fashion designers and any other person aspiring to enter the arts industry.

The ability to look at your work using different angles and view options is now possible i.e. multidimensional views. The VR and the console can be used to virtually paint and view the painting from any environment. This ensures infinite yet quality work is produced through corrections made during the multidimensional views.

Digital brush (console)

The feature allows you more painting possibilities than any other paintbrush in the market today.It is compatible with the HTC Vive device which enables connectivity with each other. Together they can be used to produce artworks that are 3D and that use life size brush and paint strokes. It gives you an opportunity to produce very large artworks e.g. the size of a room. It can also be applicable in the development and creation of 3D designs on clothing and textile; it allows the use of guides e.g. patterns and objects.

Digital Brush

Virtual library

The feature offers you experience due to its inbuilt virtual palettes including fire, light and many more. It enables you to paint installations and artworks and store them. This may result in your own paint museum as it offers you the ability to walk and view your own work in a virtual creation. The virtual library is aimed at providing painters, designers and artists with immediate experience.

How it works

Entering a virtual space is overwhelming for anyone due to its endless possibilities in the use. The virtual reality 3D paintbrush from Google offers the largest virtual reality space for use as a gallery or a museum. This has made the arts world reach an infinite realm with continuously increasing opportunities and possibilities. The world is about to gain a new age in it definition due to the available and accessible technology being used and developed today e.g. the virtual reality 3D paintbrush from Google.

It uses a technology that is available to each and every painter i.e. the Vive bundle provided by HTC.The availability and access of this technology enables the user to maximize their creativity in its use increasing the possibilities its use.

It uses virtual reality space as painting canvasses and allows space for use as galleries.Painting done is of a high quality similar to the Microsoft paint; the virtual reality 3D paintbrush uses virtual reality which is an added advantage. This provides endless opportunities for professional and aspiring painters as they only require their imagination and an empty space e.g. a room to use as a canvass.

Different brush options are available for selection by the painter. It however limited to the Vive headset provided by the HTC but are compatible with the VR device. To use the tilt brush; signing up with the Vive Steam is required. This is aimed at making sure that you make the best of the tilt brush by using it.


The virtual reality 3D paintbrush from Google is a unique device that uses; the tilt brush, a VR device and a console to provide you as a painter with endless options, opportunities and possibilities of use. The technology is aimed at ensuring the painter explores all the possible avenues present in their imagination to create their own painting exhibitions and museums with the use if the virtual reality features entering a whole new level of artworks. Acquiring this technology and familiarizing yourself with it should be at the forefront and a priority in every possible way. Avoid missing out on highly advanced technology in the world of artwork by purchasing the virtual reality 3D paintbrush from Google today.

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