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Track Your Fitness With OMSignal OMBra

Smart wearable sports clothing or apparel are currently hitting the headlines. With everyone insistent on being fit and healthy for all activities, it has become apparent that women require extra special clothing to help them in tracking their fitness activities each day. To be sure of the results and ensure better results or performance, it is essential that you acquire the OMsignal OMbra Tracking Bra.

Omsignal Ombra Tracking Bra: What It Is?

This is a smart bra that contains the ability to track the running abilities of the individual wearing it. The bra is able to track your running capability by recording essential biometric data and provide fundamental but highly comprehensive results and feedback to the owner. Since the bra is designed for women, it offered discreet monitoring and tracking capabilities, which is highly efficient and capable for any woman.

OMsignal OMbra Tracking Bra: Design

OMsignal OMbra Tracking Bra: Design
The OMsignal OMbra Tracking Bra is designed to fit women who hold to the desire to run and do it for leisure, fitness or performance purposes. The bra has to have some features in its design to accommodate the varying anatomy portrayed by different women. In addition, it has to be a light-weight, comfortable and reliable in its functionality. The OMsignal OMbra Tracking Bra is made of a stretching material that is a light weight and moisture release making it perfect for running due to its cooling ability after the moisture evaporates. It has straps at the front that can be adjusted according to your own preference especially in regards to the hook at the back. In addition, it contains a thick bottom line panel that holds on firmly but comfortable.

The OMsignal OMbra Tracking Bra has five pins that enable it to hold onto the tracking device i.e. a small box that is black in color. The device is water proof, dust, rain sweat or splash proof as well. However, if cleaning the bra, be sure to remove the box. Furthermore, you can monitor and track your heart rates. However, to do this, the bra might be a little uncomfortable or too tight as the sensor require to be in contact with your skin in order to transmit data.

OMsignal OMbra Tracking Bra: Working Process

OMsignal OMbra Tracking Bra: Working Process
The OMsignal OMbra Tracking Bra is designed to measure your running and offers a feedback in regards to whether your endurance, peak zone running or in a race pace type of running or training is what you have on at the moment or not. It does this by checking out, recording and analyzing your breathing pace and heart rates. Endurance takes the highest rating meaning you are pushing yourself extra hard while peak zone is the lowest and the race zone comes in between the two.

It works by analyzing the strain on your ribcage through its expansion and contraction process while running, beats per minute for your heart rate and the date acquired is transmitted to the device that also has the ability to track and count your steps. In addition, it regulates and continuously checks on your strides and their length, amount of calories burned at a go, the cadence and the pace you have developed as you run.

OMsignal OMbra Tracking Bra: How to track your running

The bra works by figuring and checking out the anaerobic threshold also known as the AT and the VT also known as the ventilator threshold. The VT represents the endurance and running below it indicates that you have the ability to control and maintain your body at its endurance levels. However, if running at the peak zone, it means that you are no longer in control of your breathing capabilities. At this level, you are able to increase body processes such as calorie and fat burning, eliminates chances of getting fatigued and reduces chances of being injured.

OMsignal OMbra Tracking Bra: Companion App

OMsignal OMbra Tracking Bra: Companion App
The app is able to record data, analyze it and offer the best possible feedback after your run. The information the black box provides automatically syncs with your phone or browser. However, the app is currently running on iOS alone and that is a spoiler for Android users. The app breaks down all the data as analyzed and the final results obtained including the zone level, pace and or strides, time taken etc. however, the device provides no 3rd party support something that is soon going to be reviewed and revised.

OMsignal OMbra Tracking Bra: Battery life

The OMsignal OMbra Tracking Bra battery life is not as trustworthy as indicated. This is mainly because it continuously switches itself on if it detects movement. This means you cannot carry it around with you anywhere unless you are running. However, you will find it has no charge and the battery dead if not careful with it.

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The OMsignal OMbra Tracking Bra provides one of the best and natural ways to achieve ones desired fitness goals. In addition, it provides a natural and suitable way that has minimal headaches and challenges to use and perfectly suitable for women. It is a device that is worth of all your energy and delivers as claimed for each woman out there.

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