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UpRight Pro Review- Facts You Should Know

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Last Updated: Apr 18, 2017

There are various ways that can help you keep your body healthy and strong. Some of the best ways include observing a healthy diet and focusing on an exercise regime. However, what doctors don’t tell you is that carrying your body in a proper way can help you realize a healthy and strong body.

What exactly is UpRight Pro and is it effective?

UpRight Pro is a special wearable that tracks your posture and sends moderate vibrations to your back to remind you to correct your posture. This product needs connection to your phone via Bluetooth to monitor your problem areas as well as your progress.

It is unrealistic to claim that observing a healthy posture is the only way to maintain a straight back. However, every time you sit in a lazy position, you contribute to the deterioration of your strength. Your regular digestion process can even be disrupted, and this might leave you feeling stressed out and sick.

Most body aspects can be tied to posture. However, changing the way you sit or your general posture can be very hard, and that’s where the UpRight Pro comes in. It relies on a wearable technology to find out when you are standing or sitting in an unhealthy posture.

Every time you slouch or slump over, your smartphone receives a notification, and the device gently buzzes. This is enough reminder to sit up straight. Over time, correcting your posture might lead to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer back pains
  • Less fatigue
  • Improvement in overall disposition

Correcting your posture especially when it is still a small problem is important. Allowing this harmful behavior fester in your life can be dangerous, and you might end up being fitted for braces. Although this sounds severe, it is the only medical option that can correct your spine. Therefore, choose to fix things early while you still can by creating a healthy habit for many years to come.
What exactly is UpRight Pro

How UpRight Pro works?

Although the UpRight Pro appears to be a small device, it has strong sensors inside. These sensors are able to determine when you are slouching and send data to your mobile device. This provides you with the information you need to find out your weakest points throughout the day. The UpRight Pro doesn’t rely on a complicated technology, and it remains one of the best devices in terms of versatility.

Applying and Activating UpRight Pro

Applying and Activating UpRight Pro The best thing about UpRight Pro is its ease of use. It comes with adhesive tape portions that help you apply the wearable device to your back. You are required to line it up with your spine’s natural direction beginning from the base where the spine is connected to your pelvis.
Make sure you follow the provided instructions to connect your smartphone to the UpRight Pro. Once the two are connected, the app can be used to view the recorded data. One thing about UpRight Pro is that you don’t have to wear it all day. To receive all the benefits UpRight Pro has to offer, you are only required to wear it not more than 15 minutes per day.

Purchasing UpRight Pro

Purchasing UpRight Pro Consider integrating this wearable device to your daily regimen to take advantage of its benefits. For only $125.95, you will receive this amazing wearable device. Additionally, you will receive:

  • A USB cable
  • 60 adhesives
  • A docking station
  • A 12 months warranty

In case you are not impressed by how UpRight Pro works, or your doctor finds out that you need to go through treatment for back related problems, consider talking to the customer service about returns.

UpRight Pro Contacts

The official launch of the UpRight Go is around the corner, and there is lots of information about the new device on the website. In case you have pressing issues or you just want to learn more about UpRight Pro and other posture products offered by the company, consider reaching the customer service team via email or phone.

To get in touch with the company, dial 1-844-612-6440 to talk to a representative. Since the website does not provide the exact operation hours, reaching someone can be hard. However, just keep trying their number, and you might finally talk to a representative. Additionally, you may want to reach the company by writing them an email.

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UpRight Pro is another great innovation adding to the numerous other wearables we have today. To get the most out of the UpRight Pro, you will need to carry out the initial setup properly. This will allow you to continue using the wearable device every day until your posture starts feeling comfortable without wearing the UpRight Pro. It offers the perfect solution for people looking to fix their posture early enough before it becomes permanently damaged. The manufacturers are committed to providing customers with high-quality products to help them improve their health. Presently, the company has begun a Kickstarter campaign to support the much-needed funding for their latest wearable, the UpRight Go.

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