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5 Key Reasons Wearables are Part of Our Wrists

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Last Updated: Dec 3, 2016

The wearable devices market is one that was unexpected with their introduction in the past year till now. The success it has attained is of an unimaginable magnitude. This form of technological devices is platform that developed early last year and continuously increasing the amount of sales made.

In the United States, the total amount of sales made are said to be around $70 billion on wearables. Many of the sales are in relation to fitness and health trackers that continue to increase in popularity. More and more people are interested in activity bands, health bands and these products are making history with the advancements being seen on a daily basis.

1. Activity Tracking

Just the other day, a smart watch Pebble 2 was launched and sent to the market. The wearable device is operated on the Pebble operating system. The Pebble 2 device monitors and tracks your health patterns while sleeping. In addition, it monitors and analyses your calories; assist you in achieving your set targets for each day. Furthermore, the device has capabilities that are more pertinent. It detects the amount of light penetrating into your skin, has a sensor that monitors your heart rates all day long, offers you pertinent notifications regarding your schedules depicted on the devices calendar.

Activity Tracking

The device can also be used through android and iOS if you don’t have the Pebble operating system. With all these health factors being put to consideration, it would be difficult to remove the device and say it is no longer useful. Instead, they monitor, analyze and offer definite feedback. Removing it is not an option.

2. Health Issues: Biometrics

Today, there are many factors, that affect our bodies and it would be difficult to always visit the doctor for thorough check ups every day or week. Wearables have made it easier to monitor, analyze and seek solutions without having to seek a physician. Furthermore, the devices such as the Philip smart watch that continuously tracks your activities and logs in your biometrics onto an app for analysis. The device has the capacity to identify the main activity you are taking and monitors your heart rate, sleeping patterns and the rate at which you are perspiring.

It alerts you once you start moving and offers precise information at any given time or place. The reliability and dependency on these devices is increasing with each passing moment. In addition, physicians are advising on their use towards keeping healthy with every step.

3. Decision Makers

Decision Makers

Some of the devices are used to analyze the means and ways that you carry out your daily activities. It may range from the way you run, how your ride i.e. the techniques used to perform a certain activity. This helps to analyze and offer the best solution and a way to achieve much with doing a lot; change in tactics or techniques used.

Such a device is the same as the Run Profiler. It is slipped into your shoe when running but don’t worry because it won’t affect your running capabilities i.e. it is weightless. It measures the level of fatigue you are experiencing, means to reduce risk elements, and how to improve your gait when running. These devices have an answer for everything.

4. The Heart

Today, there are many lifestyle diseases that affect our hearts and people are looking for ways to remain healthy. It does not matter whether you exercise regularly because the heart is fragile and taking care of it is paramount. This is the main reason that people are purchasing sensors that detect the heart rate listen and determine irregular heartbeats and other factors that relate to the heart. Wearables also double task as activity devices that monitor and track your activities.


They assess the relations of the activities to the heart rate and what effects they have on it. The QardioCore is one of those devices that you should get to assist you with your activity tracking. It is a device, which utilizes a wireless connection to connect with other devices, takes your body temperature and tracks your respiratory rates. Furthermore, it monitors your heart rates, stress and your HRV or heart rate variability.

5. Navigation

With the smart wearable devices, you can never get lost whether in the jungle or in a city. Imagine having the capability of going anywhere, anytime and continuously performing your activities with no specific limitations, who wouldn’t want that? Wearable devices have given us a chance that we could never have foreseen in a long time. All these additional elements and features are to make our lives easier and convenient.


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There are many more other reasons why we keep our trust in the wearable devices and why they are still on. As many wise people said, a journey is started by taking one single step in the right directions; a journey is defined by its adventures and not the possible destination; wearables seem to understand the saying and we understand the wearables.

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