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What is in store for you at the IFA 2014: TVs, Smartwatches, home appliances and more

The Internationale Funkausstellung 2014 (IFA 2014) kicks off this week in Berlin with a lot of goodies for you. This trade show is one of the longest running technology expos. Its roots date back in the 1920s and it gets bigger each year.

Let’s have a look at what is in store for you this year.



There have been a lot of talks about smartwatches this year and you would expect a buzz at this expo. LG already had their circular smartwatch, the LG G Watch R drawing a lot of attention. Samsung Gear S is another smartwatch to look for here. It comes with its own 3G connection and can be used even without a smartphone.

Smart appliances


Ever thought of a TV that can sync up with a refrigerator to tell you when you have run out of milk? Google and Apple are launching platforms for products that will work together in the home. At the IFA 2014 expo, you can also expect smart grills, coffee makers, toasters, beauty products and more.

Smarter and bigger TVs


TVs are getting smarter and bigger everyday and they are expected to share the spotlight at the exhibition. Look out for ultra HD 4K TVs, those with OLED screens. Expect TVs that are smarter; those that can learn your preferences and others that can be controlled via apps on your phone. You are definitely going to get bigger screens as well.



Smartphones can never be left behind. They will have a strong presence at the show this year. Galaxy Note 4 is expected to debut at this event. It is expected to come with a stylus pen and so will the LG G3 Stylus smartphone. Other smartphones are expected from Motorola, Sony and Nokia. We are most likely to see Lumia products as well.

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