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Wiith Is Here To Help You Meet New Friends, Not Dates

Wiith is a social network app that can help you connect with new friends without explicitly committing it to be a date. You can use it to connect with people with whom you share the same interests and have them join up local events and activities.

The younger generation has been found to be more comfortable connecting via technology and apps rather than face-to-face conversations. There are several meet-up apps that have launched in the past, but the most famous has been that is currently boasting 9000 groups in local communities and has over 21.5 million users.

Many social networks have tried to compete with, but it has not been easy to topple it. Meetup as even shifted its business to mobile and also added new features like crowdfunding and messaging for group needs. Whether or not Wiith will be the one to topple Meetup remains to be seen.

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Jeff Hodnett, Wiith co-founder, explains that Meetup is not right for natural encounters because it is too rigid. Jeff and his team think that Wiith is a lot more spontaneous and does not have the dating stigma associated with other social networks like Tinder.

Apart from helping new users to make new friends, Wiith could also help those who are just visiting a new city. Theirs is a profile where you can explain that you are just looking for someone to share a meal or have a drink with – not necessarily a date, and undoubtedly not a short or long-term relationship.

“For me, I know when I go to a new city I find myself spending way too much time in the hotel room as I don’t know what’s happening around me. And sightseeing gets boring on your own,” says Edwards, another Wiith co-founder.

On Wiith, you can join other’s posted event or create your events. Additionally, if you create an event, you can also choose who gets to attend by declining or approving applicants. These events can be scheduled out for a later date or added on the fly. Wiith app also lets you follow other people of interest and receive notifications when these people suggest a hangout, as well as receive event suggestions when it’s quiet.

However, Wiith is still too sparsely populated to be useful just yet. The app offers the infrastructure but hasn’t built the community. Currently, Wiith has about 1000 users who are mainly from San Francisco Bay Area and the Peninsula.

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