Wikibuy: The Ultimate Online Shopping Comparison Engine

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Last Updated: Jun 9, 2017

With new online shopping portals being launched daily, consumers that prefer to utilize the internet for their shopping is facing an extremely difficult time when it comes to choosing a particular online store to buy from. Each store promises to be better than the rest, and each one claims to have the best prices on selected products. This can be quite confusing for the average consumer as they do not know which store to trust or how to really find out which store would be able to offer them the best deal on a particular product they are looking to buy online. Fortunately, thanks to the more recent advancements in technology and the internet, many companies have launched shopping comparison engines that allows the average consumer to search for prices on a particular product, compare them and buy the product from the most affordable and trustworthy online store. Wikibuy is one of the more recent additions to these online shopping comparison engines, but have quickly gained popularity amongst consumers due to its ease-of-use and multiple features.

What Is Wikibuy and How Will This Online Platform Help You

Big Commerce reports that more than 50% of all Americans now prefer to buy their products on the internet and almost all Americans have made at least one purchase on the internet in the past. These statistics are quite significant, but there is one problem that people face – they do not know which store to buy from. This is exactly where Wikibuy comes in. Wikibuy is a comparison engine that pulls thousands of deals and prices from shopping websites. These prices are then categorized and filed under particular products, with each product linking out to numerous online retailers that stock the product in question.

How Does Wikibuy Work?

Wikibuy Work
Let’s start out by taking a look at how Wikibuy works. Firstly, you should know that the website uses an automated system to extract the latest deals from a variety of shopping portals, including Amazon and eBay. As their system discovers new products, the products are automatically added with their own pages. When the system discovers the new product on another shopping portal, it adds a new deal on the product’s page. Thus, all the prices for a particular product are displayed on a single page. The consumer can then take a look at the price of the product at different online stores and decide which store they want to buy from.

When the consumer visits the official Wikibuy website, they can utilize the shopping comparison engine in two different ways:

1. They can browse the website by looking at the front page to discover the latest discount offers that the comparison engine discovered on the internet. In addition to browsing the featured and latest offers on the front page, the consumer can also browse through a variety of categories, including Baby, Apparel, Automotive, Pets, Video Games and more, to discover deals in particular categories.

2. If the consumer knows what they want to buy, then they can use the search box at the top of the Wikibuy website. The consumer simply enter the product’s name or a keyword related to the product in the search box and the website will show them a list of products that matches the keywords they entered on their database.

Are There Any Costs Involved?

Any Costs Involved
A lot of shopping comparison engines offer a free browsing plan for visitors, as well as a variety of plans that gives the consumer access to email updates and other convenient services, but at a monthly fee. Wikibuy, however, does not charge any fees from the customer and offers all of their services at absolutely no cost to the consumer. In fact, the consumer doesn’t even need to register an account to access the shopping comparison engine.

Does Wikibuy Offer Customer Support?

A very unique feature of Wikibuy is the fact that they have a dedicated help center that offers on-time assistance to consumers. Should a customer have any problems with their experience on Wikibuy or with their order, they can visit the Wikibuy website and click on the help center link. The help center allows the consumer to create a support ticket, which is then sent to the support staff at Wikibuy, whom will then get back to the customer to help them solve their problems and find answers to their most vital questions.

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Final Verdict

Wikibuys offer consumers convenient services that allow them to search for a particular product and find the best deal on the internet for the product they would like to buy. Not only does the platform offer a search engine, but it also automatically updates its feed with new offers every day; thus giving the consumer access to the latest deals on any kind of item – be it the latest video game console or a new luggage bag to help them travel in style.

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