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Windows 9 Rumor Roundup

Windows 8 has been in existence for about two years now and it has been limping throughout despite the fact that there have been some continual updates. It is even more interesting that many users preferred Windows 7 to Windows 8.

May be Microsoft had taken note of this and it is highly hoped that the much rumored Windows 9 might address most of the concerns of the users.


But how much do we know about Windows 9 by now? Most of the information about Windows 9 has been coming in bits in form of leaks. To start with, we are still not sure weather it will be called “Windows 9” or something more whimsical.

This can be noted from the observation that when the president of Microsoft France accidentally confirmed the impending Windows 9, the Microsoft PR quickly stepped in and clarified that whatever it is might not be called “Windows 9”.

What we expect from Windows 9 is that it will be a stark reversal from Windows 8. It is expected to bring back the start menu and to further cleave the touch and desktop sides in twain.

And according to leakers Windows 9 devices that identify as traditional computers will have desktop view only. But the Metro-swathed Start Screen will not be completely gone, though. It will just be condensed down into the Start Menu and the Start Menu will be optionally expandable into a full-screen view.

Another main change according to the leaks is that the Charms bar will be completely gone, and the Windows Store apps will run in windows instead of taking users into a full-screen app mobile just like it is in Windows 8.


Windows 9 is expected to be released sometime in spring of 2015. It may come free or at a cost depending on what you are running right now. The cost to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to 9 could be anywhere from free to $20.

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