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You Can Not Lose This GPS-Enabled Smart Wallet

There are a total of 508 wallets that are currently being promoted at Kickstarter but it seems that only two so far have location technology built into them that shows where they are in case they get lost.


The most recent entry in this underrepresented category is the StreetSmart’s SmartWallet. Most wallet makers are just busy trying to out-slim each other’s designs to get smart to the Internet of things.

SmartWallet is a Bluetooth-integrated anti-loss money and card stasher. It is multi-pocketed and is made from hand cut leather. It is bigger and holds more cards and cash.


The Bluetooth and GPS locators in the wallet are neatly tucked into a sturdy money clip attached on the outside of the wallet.

The billfold also features a built-in 1000mAh waterproof polymer-encased rechargeable battery. This is also hidden in the money clip.


But how do you get it when it is lost? You just need to launch its companion app on your iPhone and you will find it by direction and distance. Thanks to the embedded GPS receiver.


So, if you are ripped off by a pickpocket, or if you forget the wallet on a barstool, you may still have the chance of recovering the wallet.

You can also recover your smartphone if it is lost using the SmartWallet. You just press both side of the wallet clip to make the phone ring or vibrate and there you are!


If SmartWallet reaches its $35,000 Kickstarter goal in the next 12 days, an Android app for it will come.

If you want to get the SmartWallet right away, then just put a pledge of $75. A pledge of $99 will get you the Premium edition.

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