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You Can Now Check Whether The Phone You Want To Buy Is Stolen Or Not, Thanks To Apple

Due to several cases of phones being stolen and re-sold to unsuspecting customers, Apple has decided to come up with a tool that will help both the purchasers of the used phones and those who lost the phones.


With this new Apple tool you can now check if an iPhone is stolen before you hand over your hard earned cash to the seller.

The new tool relies on the IMEI or serial number of the phone to find out whether the phone has been locked by the person who originally bought it.


You just punch in either the IMEI or the serial number and it will tell you whether or not the device is activation-locked, and whether or not it’s ready for a new Apple ID to sign in.

Even though hackers can circumvent the activation lock, the device will still show up as flagged on Apple’s end.


This now means the buyers of used phones can rest assured that they are safe, and those who have lost their phones can also be sure that they can either get them back or that no one is using the phones elsewhere.


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