If You Feel HOPELESS about Finding Love, Try Doing THIS!

Struggling to find love can be tough, but it's not hopeless. Explore effective ways to shift your mindset and attract love into your life.

Author By Lily Kungu
Updated :Feb 21, 2024
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Finding love can be a real challenge, and it’s totally normal to feel down when things aren’t going as planned. Remember, you’re not alone in this. Almost everyone has felt disappointed about love at some point. Feeling hopeless is actually a common part of the journey, and believe it or not, it makes finding love later even more special.

It might be annoying to hear people say, ‘Don’t worry, love will come when you least expect it.’ But the truth is, love can surprise us at any time. So, why not focus on being ready for it?

To help you stay positive and prepare for love, we’ve gathered some advice from experts. They’ve shared tips on how to deal with these tough feelings and steps you can take to move in a positive direction.

Tips to help you build better relationships

1. Customise Your Quest for Love

Finding the right approach to love is key, and it’s different for everyone. As Blaine Anderson , a dating expert, suggests, it’s important to find a way of searching for love that feels right for you. He advises that by focusing on dating in a way that suits your style, the journey to find love becomes less stressful, even if it takes some time.

So, if dating apps aren’t your thing, don’t force it, try other methods that feel more comfortable for you. This could mean joining groups where you meet people with similar interests, or engaging in activities that bring you in contact with potential partners. The idea is to find a method that makes the search for love feel natural and enjoyable for you.

2. Patience and Self-Discovery

Finding love isn’t a race; it’s a journey that requires time, patience, and self-discovery. Susan Winter, a renowned relationship coach and author, reassures us that the path to discovering love seldom happens instantaneously. The majority of people navigate through the rough waters of dating, learning, and evolving with each new encounter. This process, though it may seem arduous, is instrumental in sharpening our understanding of what we truly seek in a partner.

Each interaction brings us one step closer to defining our unique ‘love model’, which in turn speeds up the process of recognizing our ideal match. So, if you’re feeling disheartened in your quest for love, remember, it isn’t a sprint but a marathon. The journey will undoubtedly take time, but it’s this very process that leads us to the love we desire.

3. Embrace Personal Growth During Singlehood

In the pursuit of love, we often overlook the immense opportunities for personal growth that singlehood offers. There’s a world full of joy and fulfilment beyond romantic love, and the key to unlocking it lies in our ability to shift focus from our perceived inadequacies to our potential for growth.

Learning to love, accept, and respect ourselves is foundational to our ability to extend the same sentiments to a future partner. Leigh’s insights, grounded in comprehensive research and personal experience, clarify that understanding our desires, contributions to a relationship, and personal boundaries are crucial steps on this journey.

It’s essential to remember, particularly during times of self-doubt, that love isn’t a race, but a marathon. So keep your spirits high and embrace the path of self-discovery and improvement. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of toxic relationships along the way, as they can derail our progress and hinder our ability to recognize healthy love.

4. Learn To Take Risks

Life in itself is a risk. Every second that passes, you risk dying and leaving everything else behind. Never wait for the right time as it will never come. Do whatever it is that you want to do and see what happens.

If you love someone, tell them. You never know, they might be feeling the same way too. Stop waiting for life to happen and live in every moment. Live everyday like it’s your last. After all, someday it will be.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, each of us has a soulmate out there, waiting to be discovered. The journey may not be swift, but it’s crucial to remember that it is through our trials and tribulations that we grow and evolve. We mustn’t bottle up our emotions or fears, but rather confide in trusted friends or seek professional guidance.

Remember, you are not alone in your search for love. So, do not lose hope – your journey towards self-discovery and growth is paving the way towards finding your true love. Keep a positive outlook, cherish your journey of self-evolution, and remember that love is not a race but a journey. Embrace your path, and in time, love will find its way to you.

Lily Kungu