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10 Fabulous First Class Airlines and What They Offer

First class airlines are far more fabulous than you could ever imagine.

  1. Qatar Airways A380. It offers meals by Nobu, Missioni and sleepwear and other luxurious privileges.Qatar Airways A380
  2. Cathay Pacific. This Hong Kong airlines features leather interior, top class entertainment system and designs by Foster + Partners.Cathay Pacific
  3. Etihad. First class passengers can experience individual suites with Poltrona Frau Leather, massage options, wardrobe, and mini-bar.Etihad Residence
  4. Qantas. Relax on fully flat beds in this first class plane designed by Australian Marc Newson.Qantas
  5. ANA. The “First Class Square” offers a personal sanctuary for its passengers with high-panel walls that are fully furnished with contemporary wood.ANA
  6. Boeing 777. The swivel seating in this American Airlines Flagship Suite makes business meetings easy.American Airlines
  7. Singapore Airlines A380. Passengers in this first-class flight relax in their own individual suites, with stand alone beds.Singapore Airlines
  8. British Airways First-Class. This plane also offers a personal suite, which is spacious.BA
  9. Air India First-Class. When you relax in their reclining chairs called “sleeperetee,” you will feel like the only person on board.Air India
  10. TAM’s First-Class. The designs in the cabins of this plane are by Priestmangoode. It makes you feel very at home.TAM

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