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10 ways to enjoy Disney on a budget

It is every kids dream to go to Disneyland in California, Disney World in Florida, or take a Disney Cruise. Children, regardless if young or old should take a trip to this magical land.

Planning for your Disney trip is one of the most important things to do if you want to experience the adventure of your life. You must know what fits your budget and still have the best time of your life. Here are ten tips and tricks you can consider before taking your Disney trip:

Are you planning for Disney trip? You must know what fits your budget. Here are few tips and tricks you can consider before taking your Disney trip.

  1. Go during the off-season. Just like most of the resorts and great landmarks in the world, Disney also has its off-season. Value seasons are usually during January to February, October to November, until the beginning of December. The rest of the months in the year are off-season. You can go during these periods so that costs won’t be that high.
  2. Plan Ahead. Planning at least six months ahead of your trip would be best. This way, you can prepare for the itinerary, the budget and miscellaneous for the trip. You can save up to $1,500 for six months, which is what you need if three of you are planning to stay there for three nights and four days.
  3. Buy tickets ahead of time. If you buy tickets ahead of time, you will be able to save a load of dollars. This is why it is very important to plan your trip at least six months ahead of time.
  4. Don’t buy a ticket for one park. Do not buy in advance one ticket for one park. You have to visit several parks to have fun. If you buy just on ticket, you might have to pay for more because you will definitely have to pay for tickets to another park.
  5. Bring your own food. Foods are double the price in Disney. You can bring your own food to cut the cost significantly.
  6. Look for value accommodations. Look for value accommodations to get a less expensive place to stay in your Disney trip. There are plenty of value accommodations during the off-season.
  7. Do not buy souvenirs. Disney is an expert in marketing and advertisements. They will allure you to buy the overpriced everything, including the souvenirs. So, don’t buy souvenirs.
  8. Don’t waste your time. When you are in Disney, make sure you spend every single second exploring the place.
  9. Bring your own drink. Just like food, it is best that you bring your own drinks.
  10. Take advantage of the free stuff. There are a lot of free activities in Disneyland and Disney world, take advantage of these freebies.


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