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12 Most Annoying Airport Behaviors

The battle for the armrest is one of the most annoying things that can happen to you in the airplane.

Here are some of the most annoying behaviors in the airport itself:

  1. Standing still in the moving walkways is wrong. But more and more people do this.141003130919-11-travelator---airport-behavior-horizontal-gallery
  2. There are still people who get surprised when security confiscates their litre-bottle or take their laptop out of their bag. Hyper-vigilance is now normal in the airport.141006204301-18-xray-machine-horizontal-gallery
  3. The baggage carousel shouldn’t be like a rock concert where you try your best to get in front. Leave space for others and just reach for your bag when it arrives.141003124739-1-carousel---annoying-airport-behavior-horizontal-gallery
  4. Showing up late just to skip the queue. People should be ashamed of themselves.141006134750-15-line-skipping-horizontal-gallery
  5. There are people who re-pack their baggage at the counter to get the weight down a little bit.141003130446-9-big-bags----annoying-airport-behavior-horizontal-gallery
  6. Duty-free or airport staff shadowing you around just to promote a brand.141003125613-5-duty-free---annoying-airport-behavior-horizontal-gallery
  7. People put their baggage and other items on the seat where people are supposed to stay while waiting for a flight.141006131456-12-bench-hogs-airport-behavior-horizontal-gallery
  8. Other people’s mobile devices are at full volume while playing game apps or watching videos.141006135210-16-loud-noices-airport-behavior-horizontal-gallery
  9. Parents should know how to handle their kids, especially the wild ones.141006133520-14-annoying-kids-horizontal-gallery
  10. Don’t get drunk at the airport bar.141003130101-7-drunks---annoying-airport-behavior-horizontal-gallery
  11. Puffing a smoke before getting in the airport. People can still smell you.141003130647-10-smoking-lounge---airport-behavior-horizontal-gallery
  12. Not filing the proper details in your paperwork holds up the immigration lines.  141003130241-8-immigration----airport-behavior-horizontal-gallery

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