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13 of the World’s Sexiest Accents

There are different accents from all over the world.

Here are some of the sexiest accents from in the world and the famous personalities related to it (They are not arranged from least to best, because it is up to you to decide which one is the hottest):

  • Argentine. It has a proud and pouty tone with Fernando Lamas and Gabriela Sabatini as some of the popular people using it.140915134624-sexiest-accents-argentine-horizontal-gallery
  • Thai. It is monosyllabic and sounds like seductive singing.140915135330-sexiest-accent-thai-horizontal-gallery
  • Trinidadian. Imagine Nicki Minaj and Billy Ocean.140915144002-sexiest-accent-trinidad-horizontal-gallery
  • Brazilian Portugese. It emanates a feeling of freedom, but in a flirty way.140915134127-sexiest-accents-brazil-horizontal-gallery
  • US Southern. Matthew McConaughey’s sexiest is multiplied exponentially with his accent.140915144208-sexiest-accent-us-southern-horizontal-gallery
  • Scottish. The less industrial regions of Scotland have accents that are very beguiling.140916182743-sexiest-accent-scottish-horizontal-gallery
  • Irish. It can shift from vulnerable to threatening in just one sentence.140916114934-sexiest-accent-irish-horizontal-gallery
  • Nigerian. It has tremors, but it is fully dignified.140915145340-sexiest-accent-nigerian-horizontal-gallery
  • Queen’s English. It is authoritative, upright, erudite, and scholarly.140915144527-sexiest-accents-english-horizontal-gallery
  • Czech. It is murky and mysterious.140915145620-sexiest-accents-czech-horizontal-gallery
  • Spanish. It is sensual, inviting and very passionate.140915152630-sexiest-accent-spanish-horizontal-gallery
  • French. It is sensually erotic. Think of Marion Cotillard.140915174126-sexiest-accent-french-horizontal-gallery
  • Italian. Romantic and raw, this accent is simply musical.140915162232-sexiest-accent-italian-horizontal-gallery

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