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20 of the World’s Most Ancient Cities To Visit For Time Travel Experience

Enough fantasizing about the breathtaking views a place has, or the unique and extreme activities it offers. Enough fantasizing about the city’s food, music, or culture, or its architecture, and art. Sometimes you have to look for non-typical reasons why you should visit a certain place. If you can’t think of one, how about visiting a city because it’s ancient ? Isn’t that fascinating enough? How about visiting a place that’s been around since 9,000B.C.? That is what this list is all about! We’re going to give you a list of cities where you can experience time travel. How about that?

You may find the places on the list uninviting because it’s too populated or too busy for your taste because millions of people still thrive in it. But if you really want to dig a new reason for visiting a place, this might be this – for its ancient-ness. 

Here are some of the world’s most ancient cities:

Varanasi India. Earliest Settlement: 1,000B.C.20-ganges_2775782k

Cadiz, Spain. Earliest Settlement: 1,100 B.C.1-Old-Cadiz_3043285k

Thebes (Luxor), Egypt. Earliest Settlement 1,400 B.C.1old-thebes_3043198k

Larnaca, Cyprus. Earliest Settlement: 1,400 B.C.1Old-Larnaca_3043220k

Athens, Greece. Earliest Settlement: 1,400 B.C.athens_2367212k

Balkh, Afghanistan. earliest Settlement: 1,500 B.C. 1Old-Balkh_3043203k

Kirkuk, Iraq. Earliest Settlement: 2,200 B.C.1Old-Kirkuk_3043207k

Arbil, Iraq. Earliest Settlement: 2,300 B.C.1old-Arbil_3043201k

Tyre, Lebanon. Earliest Settlement: 2,750 B.C.1Old-Tyre_3043197k

Jerusalem, Middle East. Earliest Settlement: 2,800 B.C.holyland-holidays_2885855k

Beirut, Lebanon. Earliest Settlement: 3,000 B.C.1Old-Beirut_3043204k

Gaziantep, Turkey. Earliest Settlement: 3,650 B.C.1old-Gaziantep_3043199k

Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Earliest Settlement: 4,000 B.C. 1old-Plovdiv_3043208k

Sidon, Lebanon. Earliest Settlement: 4,000B.C.1Old-Sidon_3043212k

Faiyum, Egypt. Earliest Settlement: 4,000 B.C.1old-Faiyum_3043206k

Susa, Iran. Earliest Settlement: 4,200 B.C.1Old-Susa_3043210k

Damascus, Syria. Earliest Settlement: 4,300 B.C.syria-damascus_2356312k

Aleppo, Syria. Earliest Settlement: 4,300 B.C.aleppo_2375508k

Bybios, Lebanon. Earliest Settlement: 5,000 B.C.1old-Byblos_3043205k

Jericho, Palestinian Territories. Earliest Settlement: 9,000 B.C.1Old-Jericho_3043200k

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