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Say Hello To Vacation Because 2018 Is Coming

If we had a scale to measure your happiness quotient, we bet that it would be the highest during the vacation time! Yes, ‘Holidays’ have now become synonymous with the word ‘Happiness’. Why? Read this quote by Al Gini:

“Vacations are seen as an antidote to work. They are medicine, a remedy for counteracting the effects of labor… Vacations allow us to be away from the job, to change the patterns of our day, to alter our routine, to reconfigure our actions and habits, to rediscover ourselves”.

Agree? Yes, we all will!

But now vacations have also become synonymous with “Sturdy Health”. When we are on vacation, we are treating our mind and body with the most positive energy. So, taking a vacation for the wellness of our body has now become absolutely essential.

So, get started with your plans for 2018. But wait, there is another good news, in fact, a cherry on the cake, “There are sixteen long-weekends in 2018”.

Yes, you heard it right! If you missed your holiday time in the year 2017, don’t fret. 2018 will make up for those missed chances. One of the first things that you should do now is to take a look at the calendar and mark all the long weekends in 2018 that make for those exciting long vacation.

With so many long weekends you have ample opportunities to check-off a destination from your bucket list. If you want to travel abroad, no worries! With the benefits of such long weekends, lesser the number of leaves you will have to take from work. So, if you want to go on a vacation, your job is made a little easier due to such extended weekends.

Now we will look at some health or wellness benefits of taking a vacation (or more aptly a Well-cation). Hope this motivates you to go on your Well-cation!

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1) Time to Make Your Soul Happy

Many researchers have found that after taking a vacation, employees are less tense and stressed. Taking a vacation makes them happy, and they are more likely to be in a good mood after returning from the break and have higher levels of energy. You can expect yourself to be calmer, energized, and happy.

2) Improve Your Mental Health

A survey conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center found that “Leisure, including vacations, contributed to more positive emotions and fewer negative feelings and depression.”

Neuroscientists have found that a stress hormone cortisol, can be a significant contributing factor to anxiety and depression. However, when we take a wellness vacation, feelings of calm arise during our time away from work, and this relieves stress.

3) Improve Your Family Relations

In addition, the benefits of vacations extend to family relationships, yes, it’s true. As per the studies published in the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, family vacations contribute positively to family bonding, communication, and cohesion.

By fostering connections, vacations promote a shared experience by the family. Such experiences can be cherished for years. Even in families that are not particularly close, family vacations can have their own share of benefits which are often found to outweigh the risks.

4) Decrease the Chances of Heart Diseases

The Journal of the American Medical Association in its article “Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial” has mentioned that men who take frequent annual vacations were 32 percent less likely to die from heart disease than their counterparts.

Taking frequent vacations reduces the risk of heart diseases by playing an important role in reducing high-level Cortisol in the body which causing stress.

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5) Improve Your Brain Functions

Our brain needs refreshing energy from time to time and taking frequent vacations can play a vital role in doing so. Taking a vacation can improve brain function. How you may ask?

On our vacation, we indulge in a lot of activities including adventure sports, trekking or just watching the surrounding environment. Such activities, in turn, stimulate the brain to improve creativity and memory.

Now, having known the benefits of talking a “well-cation”, we need to discuss another vital parameter while going on a holiday. When you are taking a vacation to a far-off destination, any unforeseen event can ruin your holiday.

But having an international medical insurance or international travel insurance can come to your rescue by providing coverage for unforeseen events like medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, emergency accommodation, and flight cancellations.

Traveling to a new place is an experience filled with excitement and fun. However, while travelling to an unfamiliar place, you may need a support that provides you an umbrella cover for unexpected emergencies. Hence a need for international travel insurance. Go with international travel insurance which has sufficient medical insurance as well.

Before opting for any travel insurance, it is advisable to compare the travel insurance plans available online. Run a quick travel insurance online comparison to understand different plans and choose the best plan for yourself.

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Some Final Words…

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International medical insurance plans are priced based on trip length, age, and coverage amount. This generally adds up to a few dollars per day, and hence such plans are an economical way to get emergency medical coverage in foreign lands.

To make your vacation a thoroughly joyful experience, make sure that you buy the best plan. Go online, search for all the plans, compare them, and choose the best.

So, plan your holidays, pack your bags and wait for the fantastic experience. Let the travel insurance takes care of you, while you concentrate on your “Well-cation”. 😊

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