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25 Incredible Statues And Sculptures All Over The World

There are statues and sculptures all over the world that never cease to amaze tourists. Most of these creative art works are hidden in the less popular places of their cities.

  1. The Expansion. This sculpture in New York by Paige Bradley is in a form of a cracked body of a woman with light coming out of the breaks.worlds-most-creative-statues-4
  2. Salmon Sculpture. In Portland, Oregon, you can see a big sculpture of a salmon that looks like it went through a brick wall of a building in Salmon Street.worlds-most-creative-statues-12
  3. The Shoes. On the Danube Bank, Budapest, Hungary countless sculpture of shoes are created by Can Togay and Gyula Pauer to commemorate the Jews that were killed here in World War II.worlds-most-creative-statues-8
  4. The Monument of an Anonymous Passer By. In Wroclaw, Poland, there is an eerie sculpture of people walking out from the ground to symbolize the souls lost by the past oppressive communist regime in the country.worlds-most-creative-statues-3
  5. Break Through From Your Mold. A sculpture in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, shows people trying to break free.   worlds-most-creative-statues-6
  6. Black Ghost. A black menacing figure emerges from the waters in Klaipeda, Lithuania.worlds-most-creative-statues-25
  7. Rundle Mall Pigs. There are sculptures of 4 bronze pigs at Rundle Mall in Adelaide, Australia.worlds-most-creative-statues-201
  8. People of the River. There is a sculpture of children hopping off to the river at Singapore.worlds-most-creative-statues-7
  9. Cattle Drive. A group of bronze cattle statue cross a stream in Downtown Dallas, Texas.worlds-most-creative-statues-18-2
  10. The Knotted Gun. This sculpture in Turtle Bay, New York represents non-violence.worlds-most-creative-statues-39

Here are 15 more amazing sculptures and statues:

Nelson Mandela in South Africaworlds-most-creative-statues-17
De Vaartkapoen in Brussels, Belgiumworlds-most-creative-statues-15
Les Voyageurs in Marseilles, Franceworlds-most-creative-statues-22-1
Spider in Tate Modern, Londonworlds-most-creative-statues-11
Sinking Building Outside State Library in Melbourne, Australiaworlds-most-creative-statues-10
Iguana Park in Amsterdam, The Netherlandsworlds-most-creative-statues-16
Man at Work in Bratislava, Slovakiaworlds-most-creative-statues-133
Mihai Eminescu in Onesti, Romaniaworlds-most-creative-statues-1
Life-Size Statues Portray Scene From World War in Eceabat, Turkeyworlds-most-creative-statues-31
Hippo Sculptures in Taipei, Taiwanworlds-most-creative-statues-5
Man Hanging Out in Prague, Czech Republicworlds-most-creative-statues-40Kelpies in Grangemouth, UKworlds-most-creative-statues-14
The Unknown Official in Reykjavik, Icelandworlds-most-creative-statues-35
The Shark in Oxford, UKworlds-most-creative-statues-26

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