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5 Macabre Tourist Destinations in Southeast Asia

They say if you understand history, you can prevent it from happening again. From the Nazi death camp located in Dachau near Munich, Germany to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Japan, “dark tourism” is gaining popularity among travel enthusiasts. They like to go to macabre places like this, not because they like violence or dark histories, they come here to bring light to the bad things that happened in history. It is different when you become a part of history and not just as a spectator.

  1. Hanoi Hilton. Hoa Lo Prison used to be a place where the French imprison Vietnamese revolutionaries back in 1896. But in a twisted paradox of fate, it was later used by Vietnamese communists to jail American fighter pilots whose plains have crashed near their area.


  1. Bangkok Forensic Medicine Museum. In the Thai capital, you can find the Sngkran Niyomsane Forensic Medicine Museum where you can see skeletons of adults, babies, and foetuses behind glass cases. Here you can see a true to life forensic experience. Serial killer See Ouey’s skeletons are also encased here.


  1. The Killing Fields, Cambodia. Just outside Phnom Penh, you can visit Choeung Ek Killing Fields. There you can see a tree with a sign translated in English as “Chankiri tree against which executioners beat children.” They beat the children to save bullets. There you can still see fingernails on the tree, which are traces of the torture that was.


  1. Penang War Museum, Malaysia. This is perched on “Ghost Hill,” which is in the middle of a Chinese cemetery. A lot of people think it is haunted by ghosts, but the truth is, it is history that haunts this place.


  1. Tsunami Tombstone. On December 26, 2004, an earthquake in the Indonesian coast killed victims as far as Somalia and triggered tremors as far as Alaska. That Earthquake left remnants of death and devastation in the Andaman Coast of Thailand.


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