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5 of the Best Wildlife-Viewing Destinations in the US

With the United States’ varied climate and its sprawling land, it is no wonder that it’s a habitat for over 3,000 species of vertebrate animals. If you want to view its wildlife at its best, there are specific destinations in the US that make it very ideal to do so.

  1. Yellowstone National Park (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming). this park is home to 67 types of mammals. If you want to see the largest mammal in the US, the bison, and the nation’s official national animal, the bald eagle, you have to go visit Yellowstone. iStock_000000983919_Small-640x425
  2. Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado). This park enjoys 3 million visitors every year because it is home to a wide array of species on land, water, and air.  It’s a breathtaking park that gives plenty of sights to see to every visitor. 162696199-e1411065235800
  3. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Hawaii). the fact that it’s a volcano makes it a very fertile land, ideal for every species to thrive. If you want to see over 90 species unique only to one place, then this is the destination you have to pick. Added bonus are the giant dragonflies.iStock_000020176560_Small-640x425
  4. Everglades National Park (Florida). If you want an experience that immediately crosses off an item from your bucket list, this is the wildlife destination you should go to. Everglades is the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles coexist. You can walk among these creatures if you want to.Everglade
  5. Denali National Park (Alaska). Not only will you enjoy the nation’s highest peak, which is Mount McKinley, you will also enjoy spotting more bald eagles and golden eagles than you can count. iStock_000020176560_Small-640x425

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