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5 Wonderful Countries You Can Visit Without Breaking The Bank

As the value of the dollar continue to decline, backpacking to places like Canada, Europe or Australia has become significantly expensive.

But if you really want to satisfy that wanderlust, here are wonderful countries that are fairly affordable:

  1. Fiji. People think Fiji is expensive because they only see those $1,000-a-night hotel rooms being advertised online and in brochures. But there are local guesthouses, hotels, and dorm rooms you can stay at for a very cheap $25 a night.2014-09-24-CountriesLessThan50_2-thumb
  2. Cambodia. Most of the countries in Southeast Asia can be on this list, but this is one of the best valued countries in that region. Stay at hotel rooms for only $20 a night. Eat amazing food for not more than $7.2014-09-24-CountriesLessThan50_3-thumb
  3. Portugal. If you can’t let go of that Eurotrip, go straight to this country. It is relatively cheap, and the people are warm and friendly.2014-09-24-CountriesLessThan50_4-thumb
  4. Peru. Machu Pichu is not the only attraction in this country. You can sail the Amazon or bask at one of the Mancora beaches. Stay at guesthouses for only $30, eat food for only $5, and go to different places for $30 transport.2014-09-24-CountriesLessThan50_5-thumb
  5. China. It may not be as cheap as it used to be, but it is still very affordable to tour the majestic tourists’ destinations in this country.2014-09-24-CountriesLessThan50_6-thumb

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