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6 Best Places for Adventures – Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Season 4 will begin this fall, and it would be great to get adventure ideas from him.

Here are six adventure ideas that would let you explore using all your five senses:

  • Bullfighting in Spain. Bourdain got pointers from one of the best bullfighters in the world EL Fandi, in his private bullring in La Marquesas Ranch. Bullfighting is the most masculine sport according to Spanish tradition. You may not be able to meet Fandi, but at least you should experience shouting “olé!” from the side.140723183136-01-bourdain-travel-horizontal-gallery
  • Mississippi Blues. The Blues is one of USA’s best gifts to the world and it came from the Deep South of the country in Mississippi. The places where blues used to be played 50 years ago still look the same now with its rustic atmosphere. Visit this place and travel back through time and treat your ears with incredible classic music.140723194742-blues-bourdain-horizontal-gallery
  • Gamble in Las Vegas. The Sin City used to have “unwritten codes” on how “things are done” with Sinatra and the mob. Though they are not around in the bright lights, slot machines, and luxury villas anymore, there are some places that can still make you feel like a wise guy, like The Huntridge Tavern, lotus of Siam, Raku and the Bootlegger Bistro.140723190531-las-vegas-the-strip-horizontal-gallery
  • New Mexico’s Wild West. Heisenberg is the least of the features here. Visit New Mexico and experience a unique blend of various American culture including the Hispanic culture, Native Americans, hippies, and of course the cowboy mystique.140723183151-06-bourdain-travel-horizontal-gallery
  • St. Petersburg’s Traditional Russia. Take a sleigh ride in the countryside of St. Petersburg where you see a totally different Russia than Moscow’s Ferraris and Bentleys. The snowy countryside and wealthy people’s country houses are an amazing view.140723183139-02-bourdain-travel-horizontal-gallery
  • Human Powered Ferris Wheel in Myanmar. Go to Myanmar and experience riding a Ferris wheel run entirely by teenage boys wearing flip fops in a very synchronized way.130316160953-11-bourdain-myanmar-horizontal-gallery

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