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7 of The Greatest Tunnels in the World

The Channel Tunnel connects the United Kingdom and France, which makes it easily the greatest tunnel in the world. This year marks its 20th anniversary since its opening and the 50th anniversary since the conception of the deal to build it.

For the spirit of this tunnel, here is a list of the greatest tunnels on Earth:

  1. Channel Tunnel (UK and France). This tunnel runs 37.9 kilometres under water and stretches to a total of 50 kilometres connecting the United Kingdom to France and the entire continental Europe.


  1. Laerdal Tunnel (Aurland, Norway). This tunnel located in West Norway is the longest road tunnel in the world that stretches 24.5 kilometres and costs $153 million.


  1. Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line (Tokyo). This tunnel connects Kawasaki City and Kisarazu City to reduce travel time from 90 minutes to only 15 minutes. It comprises of a 4.4 kilometre land tunnel and 9.6kilometres sub sea connection.


  1. Eisenhower Tunnel (Colorado). This is the highest tunnel in the world at 3,401 meters above sea level, which is the highest point in the interstate highway system of the United States of America.


  1. Spiralen Tunnel (Drammen, Norway). This tunnel is composed of six spirals that cover up to 1,649 meters leading to the best views of Drammen, Norway. It oofers a spectacular view of Drammen Valley, it has a wonderful garden, a restaurant, and an amazing open-air museum.


  1. Guoliang Tunnel (Henan Province, China). The Village of Guoliang used to be only accessible through a narrow path that was carved in the slopes of Taihang Mountains. In 1972, 13 villages resolved to build a tunnel using only their hands. This tunnel claimed three lives during its creation and it stretches 1.2 kilometres.


  1. SMART (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). This tunnel also serves as a flood relief system. During times, when there are no storms and flood, it serves solely as a tunnel. It stretches 9.7 kilometres and it prevents 9 billion worth of potential damages from floods.


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