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7 US extreme travel experiences

Travel marketing materials always have superlative words to describe their tourist destinations. But there are truly extreme locations in America with conditions that are backed by science as too hot, cold, windy, dark, etc. Here are the 7 extreme travel destinations in the US:

  1. Death Valley, California

The hottest temperature in the planet was recorded at Death Valley, California on July 13, 1913. The heat reached a scorching 134 F or 56.6 C. Though the heat has not yet reached that high for a very long time, the Death Valley National Park reaches a temperature close to that of 1913 every summer. The 3.3 million acre park reaches up to 125 F or 51 C every July.


  1.  Fairbanks, Alaska

With temperatures that can go as low as -40 F, you will be surprised with all the activities people can do in this very wintery wonderland. Every February 23 to March 29 the BP World Ice Art Championship is held in sub-zero temperatures. You can also try ice fishing, snow machining and dog mushing in these areas.

  1. Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah

Utah’s Natural Bridges National Monument was recognized as the first International Dark Sky Park in 2007 by the International Dark-Sky Association. Studies show that the area ranks a “Bortle Class 2,” which is the highest level of dark sky measurement.


  1. Olympic Peninsula, Washington

People who want to see just how harsh a stormy weather could get, staying at a cabin in the Olympic National Park’s Kalaloch Lodge on March to early April is the best thing to do.

  1.  St. Augustine, Florida

This place is the oldest European town in America. This town was founded back in 1565 by Admiral Pedro Menendez of Spain. In September 2015, this historic place will celebrate its 450th anniversary.


  1. Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Home to the most erratic weather changes that can go from sunny to blizzard in just half a day, Mountain Washington State Park is the place to be if you want to see the wind rise like crazy. In 1934, the wind in this area got to a 231 mph speed.

  1. Marlinton, West Virginia

In September 27, 2014 the Pocahontas County Autumn Harvest Festival will be celebrated and the featured dish includes moose, snake, possum, mole, squirrel, and one food with an ingredient called “hitchhiker.” That menu makes this area as the most gut wrenching tourist destination in the US.

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