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8 Amazing Facts About Qatar’s £27 Billion World Cup City

The massive and controversial Lusail City worth £27 Billion will rise in Qatar as a focal point of the World Cup in 2022.

This ambitious project has a lot of unbelievable facts and figures that will definitely blow you away, including:

  1. This colossal land development project by Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company spreads up to 28 square miles in four different islands.LusailCity1
  2. It can accommodate up to 450,000 people.LusailCityoverhead
  3. It has 20 hotels and various leisure establishments.LusailCityloopbridgenight
  4. It will have a 241-acre wide “Entertainment City,” which will have an amusement park and a zoo.LusailCityMarina
  5. The city will have a giant mall and two incredible marinas. One of the marinas, The Marina Mall is designed after the erosive appearance when water and land meet.Lusailcitymarinamall
  6. The Lusail Iconic stadium, which will serve as the main structure of the city for the 2022 World Cup has 86,000 seating capacity. Construction of the building will start on 2015.LusailCitystadium
  7. The structure is environmentally friendly with solar-powered cooling technology.LusailCitystadium2
  8. Lusail City is expected to be finished in 2019.LusailCityplan

There are some controversies surrounding the construction because there are allegations that workers are exposed to unsafe conditions. The developer of the city has denied these allegations.

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