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9 Best Luxury Greek Villas

Experience the gorgeous Greek Island and its luxury seaside villas where, with so much extra cash to burn, you can spend your summer vacation like the gods of old.

  1. Assimi is located on Zakynthos’ hillside, where you can have a breathtaking view of the sunrise and the sunset. It can accommodate up to 12 people and you should prepare about £8,000 if you want to stay in the luxury villa for a week.


  1. Villa Loutraki is the Akrotiri peninsula of Crete. It has three bedrooms and it is designed by George & Aristomenis Varoudakis, who are legendary Greek architects. It can accommodate up to six people and it will cost you £2,940 to stay there for a week.


  1. Elounda Beach Yachting Villas is the latest addition to Crete’s luxurious Elouda Beach Hotel. Each villa has its own butler and infinity pool. It will cost £3,000 a night to stay in this fabulous villa.


  1. Canaves Villa is a new villa that offers three bedrooms and a spectacular view of Caldera in Santorini. It can accommodate up to eight guests and it costs £1,600 a night.


  1. Villa Zeus is located in Kefalonia and it offers amenities that will truly make you feel like you are the god of thunder himself. It costs €1,500 a week.


  1. Villa Kamy is on Stavros and it offers traditional elements as well as modern amenities with an amazing view of the Bay of Chania. It costs £5,429 a week and it can accommodate up to eight people.


  1. Atolikos House is located in one of Corfu’s five-acre luxury seaside estate where you can have a tranquil stay. You have to shell out £9,150 a week during the summer season in this luxury villa.


  1. YouPhoria Villas is an area with several villas by the Kissamos bay in Crete, each has its own private pools. You have to spend £1,560 a week to stay here.


  1. Imperial Spa Villa is located on the Zakythos Island and it offers you a private beach, spa and barbeque for a price range of £3,650 to £6,000 a day for 12 people.


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