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9 Party Beaches you must experience in your lifetime

Summer is fast approaching and a lot of people are working out twice as hard these days just to get that beach body to show off. For a lot of people, summer means going to the beach half-naked and tanned, and gain back the beer belly everyone worked so hard to eliminate in the first place.

There are countless beaches in the world to best do these activities. If you are into partying hard and drinking hard at the beach during the summer, here are the top 9 places you definitely should go:

  • Mykonos, Greece. People want to go to this beach to party and to experience its golden sandy beach and its crystal clear waters. There are also areas for nudists in this beach and areas for round-the-clock parties.
  • Hvar. Party in Croatia. The island of Hvar has established a reputation for being one of the best party beaches in Europe. This place also offers wonderful nightlife for the partygoers.
  • Club 55, St. Tropez. You can indulge in one of France’s most popular summer playground. Enjoy the Mediterranean Sea like you’ve never experienced it before with yachts and supercars from Middle East royalties and Asian Industrialists.
  • Siofok, Hungary. This is a wonderful little town in Hungary that offers you some of the best holiday resorts for this summer.
  • Ibiza. This is one of the best places for outdoor beach parties in the world.
  • Palma, Majorca. Palma offers the best beach clubs in Majorca, with some of the coolest restaurants and bars.
  • Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv. You can bask under the sun in one of the most exciting beaches in the world here in Gordon Beach. You will also find very friendly people in Tel Aviv as you enjoy the beautiful sunsets in the sandy beach of Gordon.
  • Zrce Beach, Croatia. This summer, you can party at the long pebble beach in the Croatian Coast. This area has a reputation for being one of the best places to go to for partygoers during the summer. Here you can party to the tune of the best house and trance music from some of the world’s best DJs.

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