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Amazing Trivia About Lighthouses

People love lighthouses, because these beacons can symbolize direction and hope. Lighthouses are famous landmarks all over the world. Last August 7, the National Lighthouse Day was celebrated.01-lighthouse

Here are some lighthouse facts, you probably didn’t know:

  • The Pharos of Alexandria in Egypt is the first lighthouse. It was built way back in the third century BC. That lighthouse was lit up by fire to signal where the port entrance is.
  • The US has the most lighthouses in the world. There are a thousand lighthouses in the United States of America.owls-head-lighthouse-l
  • George Worthylake, America’s first keeper, met an untimely demise. He, his wife, and his daughter drowned in 1718 while returning to Little Brewster Island lighthouse.
  • Michigan has the most lighthouses in the US. It has a total of 150 past and present lighthouses. There are 115 lighthouses lining up along the Great Lakes in Michigan.
  • A lot of enthusiast wants to experience how it is like being a lighthouse keeper. In 2011, Shiela Consail of Ohio bought Lake Erie’s Fairport Harbor West Breakwall Lighthouse for $71,010. If you want, there are actually a lot of ways to spend a night or two in a lighthouse.
  • Oldest existing lighthouse in the world is the Tower of Hercules in Spain’s La Coruña Harbor. It is now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • St. George Reef close to Crescent City, California is the most expensive lighthouse in America at $715,000.
  • Lighthouse keeping was one of the first jobs offered by the US government for women back in the 19th century.4297653599_5d435cf261_b
  • The US Coast Guard still rely on lighthouses for navigation even with all the new technologies available.
  • To distinguish one tower from another, they have various colours and patterns, such as spirals, diamonds and even stripes.

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