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Beautiful Images Of Untouched Australia

There are a lot of sights to see in the lush landscapes of Australia. But on a helicopter ride, one can see the true beauty of the untouched backdrop of the land down under.

You can feel the serenity of the mountains, valleys and peaks as the setting sun glistens the dunes. The rivers and the water formations has a peaceful rhythm almost 90 percent of Australians might never experience.

  • Back Bimlow Walls. This is an incredible outcrop in the middle of the rich wildlife. It is a part of the Blue Mountains region, which is in the world heritage list. This place is off limits to the public; there are no roads or footpaths that leads here. This place is definitely one of the best untouched places in bimlow walls
  • Ragged Range. This land formation looks like it swelled out from the ground with 10 meter-high palm trees.ragged range
  • Cascading Falls of Liverpool River. This is located in West Arnhem Land and it shows just how wild Australia can get.cascading falls
  • Flood Canyon, West Arnhem Land. This is a special place in Arnhem Land that has no tracks that leads there.flooded canyons

There are other untouched lands in Australia that provides breathtaking photographic images:

  • Pillar, Northern Territorypillar
  • Keep River Valley, Northern Territorykeep river valley
  • Lake Mars, Tasmanialake mars
  • Escarpment Country, Arnhem Landescarpment country
  • Tentpoletentpole
  • Blue Mountainsblue mountains
  • Federation Peak, TasmaniaFederation Peak
  • Painted Hills, South Australiapainted hills

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