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Best Luxury Train Travels You MUST Experience

Experience some of the world’s most luxurious train travels, from the famous Orient Express to the Kyushu Seven Stars in Japan. In 2017, East Japan Railway Co. will release a new luxury train that will be filled with futuristic features and can only hold up to 34 passengers.

Until then, here are some of the best luxury train-travels in the world you can experience now:

  • Kyushu Seven Stars. The most luxurious train today is in Japan. It travels across some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the country. Its interior is decorated with hinoki cypress wood, Japanese paper screens, and bamboo blinds.


  • The Venice Simplon-Orient Express. This luxury train travel lets you experience the beautiful scenery from Paris, Prague, and Vienna up to Budapest. This train has been around since 1920s to 1930s. Now, it is revived and redecorated with glass panels and deco marquetry. This train also has a restaurant that offers luscious European cuisine.


  • Royal Scotsman. This luxury train is run by Belmond, the same company that operates Venice Simplon-Orient Express. This is the only luxury sleeper train in UK. It travels across the landscapes of Scotland and it can carry only 36 passengers.


  • Rocky Mountaineer. This luxury train can travel from 2 up to 25 days across the panoramic Canadian Rockies or through the Whistler. It will stop in luxury hotels during the night.


  • The Golden Eagle. This is the only luxury train in Russia and the entire central Asia. This train gives hotel-like comfort for travellers. It cuts across Mongolia to Uzbekistan and other parts of the region that are probably unfamiliar to foreign tourists. It recently launched the “Jewels of Persia” tour, which gives you a glimpse of some of the most beautiful places in Iran.


  • Norway in a Nutshell tours. Though this is not a luxury train, if you love train travel, you definitely must experience this ride with its diverse route across Oslo to Bergen.


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