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The BEST Spa Treatment – Only in Miami

Just like a decadent dessert, you must give your body a dessert-like spa treatment using marshmallows, pineapples, mint, walnut shells, and even orange Creamsicles.

If you are in South Florida, here are the best spa treatment places you can go for that Miami Beach Body:

  • Elemis Spa. Visit Coral Gables and let your body be polished with the ultimate Creamsicle mix complete with white and blood orange pepper. This treatment costs $129 to $285.
  • The Palms Spa – Aveda. Head to the Miami Beach and experience the Walnut Body Polish for an extra deep exfoliation treatment. You can avail this body polish for only $80 to $110.
  • Gloria Hincapié Esthetic Center & Spa. This spa’s secret ingredient is the sweet tropical fruit, pineapple. Begin with two cups of pineapple tea for detoxification, and then the therapist will buff and knead parts of your body. You can get this package for only $150.
  • The Berlin Center for Medical Aesthetics. If your skin has been damaged by the scorching sun, head to Boyton beach for an Antioxidant Facial for only $150.
  • Spa at Shore Club. At South Beach, you can have your skin polished by a luxurious mix of raw lemongrass, sugarcane and green tea for only $90.
  • Rik Rak. Go to Downtown Miami for the popular Mojito Pedicure for an exfoliated and soft foot skin. You can avail this treatment for only $65.
  • Gloss Nail bar. At Coral Gables, you can get the gloss essential pedicure which uses non-toxic and organic nail lacquers with wide array of colors to choose from for only $35.
  • Heavenly Spa by Westin. This place is close to Fort Lauderdale in Hollywood. Here you can try the Coconut or Mango Escape body Treatment for a one of a kind exfoliating experience. You can avail this for only $125.

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