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Best Outdoor Hotel Rooms

During the summer almost everything is best done outdoors, al fresca to enjoy the weather and the temperature. Sleeping is also great outdoors and the ultimate outdoor sleeping experience would be the open door suites of luxurious hotels.

Here are the best outdoor hotel rooms:

  1. AKA Central Park. Enjoy the lovely summer heat at this luxury hotel’s penthouse suite. Here you can doze off to sleep under the illuminating New York skyline.
  2. Loisaba. This luxury hotel’s “star bed” is best for honeymooners as it offers an open-air room on a higher ground of a private reserve in Kenya.
  3. Amangiri. In the isolated Canyon Point in Utah, makes you enjoy the peaceful and lovely climates in luxury hotel suites of Amangiri.
  4. Cabriolet. Its suite offers you a peaceful slumber under the night stars of L’Albereta in Lombardy with the room’s retracting roof.
  5. Chalkley Treehouse. This five star outdoor room lets you experience a wild location in the South African Lion Sands Game Reserve.
  6. Tiger Blue. This private-charter yacht is a wonderful place to sleep at and enjoy the balmy climate at the waters of Indonesia.
  7. Sabuk. Located in Kenya, the lodge in this luxury hotel is partially covered to let the guest feel the amazing surrounding the area.
  8. Nkwichi. This luxury lodge is located by the shores of the wonderful Lake Niassa in Africa’s Mozambique. Its hand-built room gives you an amazing experience of what it is like in the wild.
  9. Amanruya. This is an Aman property in Turkey’s Bodrum. The luxury hotel’s terrace cottage category is best for during the summer seasons.
  10. Malori Deck. Its luxury outdoor is raised and is in the middle of a vast private game reserve located in Tswalu Kalahari in South Africa.

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